Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Letter to Santa

Oh dudes, my great nephew Jake is a cutie patootie. Here is the email he sent to Santa:

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the reindeer and bringing presents on Christmas. I wish for a toy train and a toy car. I also wish for my daddy, mommy and baby Cade to have good health for a long time. My mommy says she wishes the same for me! Santa, please be safe and careful on Christmas Eve, because you have a long beard!!!

How cute is he?!


hakucho said...

Very cute!! Sure hope he gets all that he wished for :)

Abigail said...

Aw, he wished for good health for his family! How cute is that!

Vyvyan said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful! I read a letter to Santa from a 5 year old that said:

Dear Santa, I want a Jason mask and a machete.

Wish I knew the name of that kid so I could watch out for him in the Arrests column of the paper.