Monday, April 28, 2008

RIP Little Hamster Dudes

I know I said I was going away to work on my project due Friday, but I am really sad right now.

A little while ago my hubby found one of the Robo boys caught on their water bottle in the 3 boy cage. He died with his teeth caught on the metal piece that slips over the plastic tube at the bottom of their water bottle, apparently he had some really ginormous teeth on him. As a result of that hammy dying, the two boys left couldn't access the water bottle and while one of the boys in the cage is a ginormous fat robo, the other boy left was the runt. I think he probably died of thirst because he was tinier and couldn't sustain himself as long.

I feel so bad, these two little guys suffering so. Hubby buried them behind the shed where Hammy and Rocket are buried. Hopefully Hammy and Rocket will take care of the little boys.

I always toss the little wood blocks in the cages for the hamhams to gnaw on but apparently hubby wasn't as diligent so the teeth overgrew. Argh.

Poor babies. Rest in peace. I'm so sorry. :'(

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Again

So I really have made it home again. I have pictures and stories to share, but unfortunately I have a work deadline that is looming very heavily over me right now. So until my project is finished (and it's going to take likely every waking minute of my time this week, ugh), I'm afraid I don't have time to upload my photos or blog about how fantastic Paris is.

I'll see you at the end of the week. I hope. *fingers crossed*

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gone to Paris

Hello, my name is Teenuh and I live in a state of denial. Somehow, I figured that I would be able to work a full day, finish packing, watch Dancing with the Stars, download photos from my digital camera (including a photo filled blog post), and update songs on my MP3 player while getting to bed at a reasonable hour. It is now after 10pm and I have done the work thing, have packed my clothes but need to get to the toiletry packing, watched most of DWTS but have yet to do a thing with either my camera or my MP3 player. Yeah. This is working out well.

Anyways, I'm gone to Paris in the AM. I'll be back on the 23rd. Miss me, I'll miss you my Internets.


P.S. I am taking my iPhone and I got an international data plan, so you can keep an eye out on my Flickr for photos on the go!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

5 Days!

In just five days (FIVE!), the population of knitters that make up the Ravelry community (over 105,000 strong!) dug deep into their pockets and Ravelraised over THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

The original goal was a mere $7,000 so the Code Monkey could buy another server. When that passed by so smashingly, the new "lofty" goal of $30K was established so that we could help put Ravelry in the black. And we did it, woohoo!

Hooray for knitters. Hooray for Casey and Jess. Long live Ravelry!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm a Ravelraiser, don't you want to be one too??

Hand Knit Friday

Janice asks, what hand knits do I have on today? I have on my newly finished Coupling socks (ok I finished them on Sunday, still I haven't worn them yet..). And my shiny new Skechers Surfer shoes in the clear color! Woot, sock modeling shoes!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I swear to you this thought crossed my mind

It would be just like my monsters to do this.