Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One year at home

And one year ago, my two furry angels came into my life. Xi Xi and Saylor are great to have around, they've been such sweet girls. It was truly our destiny to bring them home into our lives, had we just gone home for the day after leaving the Humane Society or had we not stuck around to meet some of the kittens we'd seen online or had we just walked in and left, who knows if our paths would have crossed. They are by no means Bratty or Chubbo, but their angel selves have stuck around and whispered in their ears. Xi Xi is a voracious watermelon eater, Saylor a vigilant supervisor of the house. They helped fill our hearts with joy again, after our hearts were ripped from our chests in those horrible 6 days last year.

They are rambunctious, naughty, yarn chomping beasts and I wouldn't trade them for the world.