Monday, August 25, 2008


What a fun way to spend the Olympics this year, knitting along to the amazing athletic feats that were going on. I had so much fun watching the different events, and thank god for DVR technology to power through the odd events.

Today BobicusMaximus bestowed the official Ravatar boquet:

And my medal for completing an FO in the WIPs Wrestling event

I had considered whipping up another chicken or cranking out my first ballband dishcloth for the Olympics, but I just didn't have the time. And I thought I should wait to finish another UFO until I start another chicken. Hopefully I can do that before I head to Vegas this Thursday! I may say to hell with it and take chicken material for the plane ride from SJ to Vegas.

Not that anyone has been losing sleep over my "missing" needles, but I re-looked in my Loopy's Red Canvas Sock Bag and this time my mystery shawl decided to let me find my needles this time. So if I don't get time this week to cast on, I should be able to do so on my way to Vegas.

I've got quite the Olympic hangover, I'm currently watching the closing ceremonies from last night's broadcast with hubby. It feels really odd to not have any new events to watch! At least I won't be tempted to stay up until 1am yelling at the TV "WHO WON THE GOLD OMG!!!!!!!11!11!"

Ok, time for bed. Happy knitting!!

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hakucho said...

Congrats on your medal :)

I'm so happy you found your needles :) I HATE it when I can't find something...It literally drives me CRAZY til I find it :)