Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Man, what a bad blogger I have been for the past three months. Between my vacations and my subsequent Kindle obsession, I've really been out of blogging commission. And my camera has been groaning at the ever growing volume of photos to be downloaded!

So ordinarily, I would post about all my adventures and upload the photos about the trips. But since I have a whole metric assload of photos to discuss, I'm so not going to torment y'all with a ginormous post. Though I will show a few things, because a blog post without photos is no bueno.

So I went to Vegas first with my husband and a few of our friends for Vegas Fantasy Football drafts that the boys were entering. I neglected to really take photos of our traveling companions, though I did get some nice photos of the Flamingo Hotel's birds and fish they have in the center of the hotel. (My Vegas photo set is here) I did manage to have some quiet time in Vegas, enough that I made another chicken potholder:

So once we were back from Vegas (the day before Labor Day), we had 4 days to cool our jets before we hopped on a jet for Minneapolis to go to my cousin Angela's wedding. On my way to Minnesota, I started another chicken potholder to go along with the one I finished in Vegas that I could give to my cousin as a wedding present. This was the partner to the Vegas chicken:

And here's the two chickens together:

They were LOVED by my cousin and her new husband. (To date, these are still the only chickens I've actually managed to give away. They all have destinations, they just haven't reached their destinations yet.)

Speaking of the bride and groom, here they are in all their glory.

So flipping cute they are. The set of photos from my Minnesota trip is here.

Besides finishing the chicken there, I managed to knit a garterlac dishcloth. I've wanted to do an actual entrelac project since I first learned the concept of entrelac (it was at a chaotic class at Knitting Arts. I apparently grasped enough of the concept to get the pattern but I barely escaped that session with my sanity.) This ended up being gifted to one of my coworkers:

So we got back from Minnesota on Monday the 8th of September and again we were home for a whopping 4 days and took off again on Saturday the 13th for Orlando for a trip with two of our friends to go to Disneyworld! My Mickey loving self was so very excited. At least this trip was longer than 4 days, we were in Orlando until Sunday the 21st. And since we were there such a long time, not only did we manage to use our entire 5 day Disneyworld pass, I also got to get my mom up to Orlando from Lantana that Friday and Saturday (her days off work). One of our friends that moved from San Francisco to Orlando caught up with us on Friday with his mom who used to work for Disneyworld and got both our friend in free and my mom in free, so my mom finally got to see a Disney property at the grand age of 78! Here we are in front of the castle:
It was so nice to see her.

We managed to get to all the properties at Disneyworld, which was hecka fun. The coolest thing we did though while we were at Disneyworld though? We got to ride in the front of the tram into the Magic Kingdom!

(I have a co-pilot's license but I failed at taking a picture of it. Maybe soon. Maybe not.)

Now this was my maiden voyage on my Kindle. Oh yes, Orlando is where the madness began. I managed to read the entire Twilight Saga twice while I was there. Somehow, I also managed to knit a ballband dishcloth (well, most of it anyways, I finished it after I got home) though it took me until last weekend to actually weave in the stinking ends:

So sunny! So easy too, I may very well be like Hakucho and make some appliance covers. The ballband pattern is simple and fast. Making covers would be a good use of my plentiful dishcloth cotton stash. (No, I'm not going to fess up to how much I have still. I'm sure there are people out there that have more, but dudes I have a LOT of dishcloth cotton. A lot.)

Anyways, my Florida photo set is here.

So what have I done since then? Not a whole lot, though I have managed to crank out a few things...

Three chickens...

I cranked out a Turn a Square hat for my Secret Santa partner:

And, no, the world hasn't stopped turning. Yes, I have cast on a sweater for me. I'm knitting the February Lady Sweater. Holy hell are there a lot of stitches and I'm only halfway through the main increases:

I went to the Commuknity closing sale and scored these fab buttons that are EXACTLY what I wanted for this sweater.

Lovely, aren't they?

I also finished a pair of Poseidon Socks which I made out of some yummy Sundara sock yarn in the Deliphinium colorway.

(Not a perfect representation of the colors but close enough. It's gorgeous.) I appear to be unable to get it together enough to take a picture of them, but trust me, they're gorgeous. And the Sundara yarn is very nice. These are some seriously comfortable socks.

Oh, I never did talk about the Twilight movie did I? Well, I have to say I was entertained by it. I think it does a good job of staying true to the story though with there being SO MUCH content that they put into the movie, I didn't feel as sucked into Bella and Edward's love story. You don't really get the depth of their relationship. RPattz is definitely hot. I like the casting they did for the most part (though Rosalie isn't near beautiful enough). I laughed a lot, every time Jasper came on screen and had a deer in headlights expression I cracked up (he's one of several actors in the movie that went blonde for their role and let me just say he is SO MUCH HOTTER with brown hair), flipping Rosalie at the baseball game "That's my monkey man!", umm I'm sure there's more that is escaping me at this early hour. And HOLY HELL ARE THE BELLA/EDWARD KISSES HOT. The kiss on the bed where Bella's in her underpants is sexy as hell but dear god does the prom kiss set me on fire. Rawr. Oh, and here's a cute Edward necklace I picked up on Etsy:

Seriously cute, isn't it?? I did get some Twilight gear from my Secret Santa this year, though I haven't taken pics of it yet. I'll do that soon. It's hilarious stuff.

So if anyone is still reading this, I hope y'all had a great holiday season and I wish you all a very happy New Year. Here's to a great 2009!


hakucho said...

LOVE your chickens....I think you have an addiction! Better watch out the ballband is very addictive too :) Love the color combo you chose!

happy new year :)

smariek said...

Cute chickens. I love that button!