Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where the hell did March go?

Wow, I totally didn't blog in March did I? Sheesh, I didn't realize it's been 2 months. I knew it had been a while, but not necessarily that it's been this long. Been busy growing a human, yunno? Oh, and working too.

Well, there is some knitting going on, a lot of which was done while I was dealing with my dad's most recent health issues. He had three trips to the VA Hospital in two weeks, two of which were in ambulances after 911 calls and two hospital stays. Nothing really came of it, they aren't going to do anything proactive about his cardiac issues because of the state of his kidneys. Which is really annoying, seems like they are just waiting for him to have a massive episode before they do anything for him. Lame.

And I've been having quite the time with Weenuh. My blood sugars have been quite the crazy ride. Mostly low, which is good for Weenuh but not so good to me when they get into the 20's. Unf. My dad's final trip to the VA ended with me in the bed he'd vacated after I basically passed out in the hall outside the ER because my blood sugar was down to 24. (I also got my first black eye. It is SO SEXY being pregnant with a black eye, just in case you were curious.) And then like 10 days later hubby had to revive me in the morning with a Glucagon shot because he noticed I was excessively sweating in my sleep. And then two days later we went to dinner and as we were about to pull into the parking lot I realized I wasn't feeling good, tested and discovered my blood sugar was 27 (which if it said 27 on my meter it probably means it was lower but I don't really know how low it actually was). I ate a pack of my glucose tablets and sucked down a glass of OJ in the restaurant and then proceeded into loopy land and instead of enjoying my entree and dessert, I was visited by an ambulance. (Why yes, it IS terribly embarrasing to be treated in the middle of Coco's.) I realized as I was coming around and looked at my vomit covered t-shirt that it was the SAME shirt that I was wearing the night of the incident at the VA. Needless to say I came home and promptly threw that one away. Which was sad, I really loved the fabric that shirt was made out of and it was a maternity shirt, something of which I can't get enough of these days. But that's not enough for me to dig it out of the trash and give it a third try. Two is enough, thanks.

I had my driver re-examination hearing yesterday in regards to my January accident. It went okay, they didn't suspend my license yet because they hadn't received my doctor's response that I gave to her a few weeks ago. Not sure what is up with that, she's usually really good about processing stuff like that. I kept a copy of the form at least so I faxed that to her nurse today and hopefully she can fill it out on Tuesday when she's back in the office. If the DMV doesn't get her response by next Friday, my license will be suspended for the rest of the pregnancy automatically. Though honestly, I don't know that I *should* be driving with the way my blood sugar levels have been. Thursday night I tested myself at 5:10pm and my reading was 134 (which is a little on the high side for how long it had been since I ate) but then when I tested before dinner at 7:20 it was 46. Yeah. Awesome. That was the first real documentation I've had that I'm going off these "cliffs". It's seemed like I have been but I haven't had numbers like that show up in my testing.

Sorry, a lot of blah blah blah. I did go to Linda's 40th birthday party 2 weeks ago. I have some great pics to post, but that would require me getting my camera cable out and downloading the pics from my camera. And dudes, that is a lot of effort. Maybe Sunday. We'll see.

Big day coming up next week. Wednesday is my level 2 ultrasound where we will finally get to learn if Weenuh is a boy or a girl. I am SO excited. Though I am nervous too since they will be looking in great detail at how Weenuh is developing. I want to know that Weenuh is healthy and doing well, but I'm terrified that they will find something that shows there's something wrong. I know, I know that's normal. But it's still scary. I haven't knit anything for Weenuh yet (though I have bought some patterns and kits for stuff to knit), not that I think it is bad luck or anything, I'm just still scared that there won't be a happy ever after. But provided there's a good outcome at the Level 2 ultrasound, I'll feel better about the likelihood that I'll actually wind up with Weenuh at home in my arms.

And on Thursday I'm off to St. Louis to attend The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. I'm looking forward to the trip. I think it will be tons of fun AND I will get to meet an online friend that I've known for what, like 8 years now? Something like that anyways. She lives a couple hours away from St. Louis and is driving down to hook up with me. Yay. I'm so excited about that!

I became a great aunt again on April 3rd. My niece had her third baby, another boy (yes, all 3 are boys, yikes!). She sent a picture of him last weekend and he is beautiful. I totally need to still send her a gift but I'm lame and haven't yet. I have a couple of ideas, I think I'll make a few cute things out of some dishcloth cotton. At least I don't have to go shopping for that! teehee

Anyways, that's about all I can yammer on about for now. Sometime I'll stop being lame and post pictures again. I will post for sure on Wednesday afternoon/evening after the big appointment!


Abigail said...

Hang in there Teenuh! We're out here thinking good thoughts for you and Weenuh. Let me know if you need anything more tangible than thoughts. :)

hakucho said...

You weren't the only one who miss March for blogging ;)

It's tough enough taking care of ailing parents, but you have had double trouble. Sorry you have been having so many troubles. You need to take real good care of yourself! Praying for good results...