Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

After our traumatic 6 days, our house and hearts were so empty and so broken. At first I had no desire to wait for some time before we got more. (I knew that I would have more, there was no way I wouldn't)

Towards the end of last week, I started talking to both my hubby and the OCK and I started softening towards the idea that maybe we should get more cats sooner rather than later. So we started looking at sites like to see what animals they had available. We visited a couple of Petsmarts on Friday night (there were some adoption fairs going on and we couldn't look at the Humane Society's animals they had available because it was too late in the day) but we didn't see any that looked like kittens we were interested in.

So we went home and did some more looking around and saw some we were interested in so we found the Petsmart that they would possibly be at on Saturday. We headed out Saturday afternoon, first to the Cupertino Petsmart, then to the Campbell Petsmart (where we saw a beautiful calico that I wanted very much but we had an issue with the group that was running that location's fair) and then we went back to the Humane Society. They had some alright kittens, but there were none that were really what we were looking for. On our way out, they asked us if we had found any that we were interested in meeting and we told them no, we'd be back another day.

The gal helping us asked us if we'd been to the other shelters in the area. When we said no, we asked if they had a map because we weren't sure where the other shelter was in Santa Clara. So we hurried out the door (it was getting close to 5pm and the shelter was only open until like 6pm) and headed across the freeway to the SVACA. We took a look at their kittens and saw a couple that were interesting so one of their employees got us into a room and brought in the couple we wanted to look at. While we were checking those kittens out, some of the people who were out at adoption fairs that day returned to the shelter with the kittens and cats they had taken out to a site in San Jose. We were getting ready to leave and the gal helping us asked if we wanted to see if there were any of the returning cats that we were interested in.

We went back to one of the rooms where they had added kittens to and we discovered that two of the medium haired kittens that were sisters we had seen photos of on the door had come back! So we asked to see them. They had great personalities so we scheduled an appointment the following day to do a final meeting with them. We returned on Sunday for our 12:15 appointment with our paperwork we needed to provide, and in just over an hour we came home with two new bundles of joy.

This is Xi Xi, which is Chinese for happiness:

She really doesn't like the ceiling fan. When my hubby first picked her up when they got home, he turned her so she caught a glimpse of the ceiling fan and she hissed at it. Ever since then, she periodically will stop what she's doing and will look up at the fan twirling around (as you can see in this next pic):

We also brought home her sister, Saylor:

Since they are sisters, they sure like each other a whole lot better than Bratty liked the Chubbo! They don't stop moving much now that they are getting settled in, so I think it will be some time before I end up being able to get a good snuggle picture of them. Until then, this picture will have to do:

They had been fed a mixed diet of crunchy and soft food while they were in foster care, so we bought some canned food for them. I wasn't sure if they would like the flavor the store had, so we only bought 2 cans of it. I was wrong for doubting they would like it, they come running when I even move their dishes to take them to fill them!! Here they are enjoying their first meal of wet food:
So there the two furballs are. They have brought us much needed happiness since they came home. I am so happy that we didn't wait any longer, these two are truly the kitties we were meant to have. They are very sweet, happy, rumbly kittens that I am looking forward to having many long years with them.

I swear my next post will have knitting content. It is getting slightly easier to carry on, so I will be able to focus enough to blog my recent knitting adventures. I promise!!


Vyvyan said...

Awwwwww! I think I would've done the same thing you did. When we go to PetSmart I have to stay very clear of the adoption center since my will power melts away when I see those poor babies.

DaFawnz said...

They are SO cute. Their spunky energy will fill the empty places in your heart and home. M's still can't wait to see them.

Abigail said...

Aw! Cute kitties!

hakucho said...

Your new fur babies are absolutely beautiful. Such sweet faces :) I'm glad they have cheered you up!
Enjoy :)

no-blog-rachel said...

Awwww...cute! Enjoy your new babies. :)

JillyB said...

yay! they are adorable!

Nadine said...

Awwww, how cute are they! I love the names too!

gray la gran said...

you're so lucky! i wish i could have some fur balls ! (but, i'm allergic) (BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE ?!) (WHY ???!!!)