Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RIP Chubbo 03.22.1998 - 07.17.2007

I am stunned that in less than 6 days I have lost both of my beloved cats. My heart is so broken.

I had hoped to have you for a few more years, my sweet Chubbo. Your time with us was entirely too short. We were supposed to be able to give you more love and work through our grief with you. Now we are grieving for you.

You were by far the dumbest cat I have ever had. But you were also the most charismatic I have ever had. We were so blessed to have our naughty little Chubbo.

I don't have a lot of eloquent things to say about you the way I did about Bratty. That's not because I didn't love you as much, you just weren't the graceful type. I can remember Angie coming over and saying "HOLY COW! Look at how big she is! She's like the size of 3 cats!!" and then she would draw lines down your belly with her hand, carving out the size of 3 normal sized cats. I love how annoyed you look in this picture. You look as if you are saying "Hey assholes, could you at least get me a bed that fits me?!"

We joked often that you called us assholes. I don't think we were too far from being right with that:
You so could not clean your bottom. At least your attempts at preening were visually amusing to us:
I can talk for some time about the things you loved.

Oh how you loved water. Back when you were light enough to still jump up to the bathroom sink, you loved to sleep in the sink while you waited for someone to come turn on the faucet so you could drink out of it.

You loved to lick the water off of my washed fruit when I was eating it for breakfast:

And oh my god did you love watermelon. I couldn't eat watermelon with you in the room without hearing your squeaky little voice wanting to have at my watermelon. There was no discussion as to whether or not you could lick my watermelon. You simply took it into your own hands to lick it.

We were so amused with the evidence that was left after you were done eating. Here is melon chin with Chubbo attitude:

You loved lying on my purses too, I love this photo with melon chin in it:

You loved lounging on Mike. I have many shots of this:

You loved the sunshine. I love this photo, I get both a belly shot as well as you basking in the sunshine in the dining room:

I love Chubbo belly shots so much.

We love you so much Chubbo. We miss you terribly. Our home is so empty now.

Say hello to Bratty in heaven for us.


DaFawnz said...

Sorry Tina. This really sucks, to lose them both. :( Maybe she was just too broken hearted to live alone. She was a crazy, goofy cat, and I am happy we had all those times to laugh about her.

no-blog-rachel said...

Oh man, I am so sorry! I don't know what else to say...



Abigail said...

Oh Tina, I'm so sorry! How unfair to lose them both in such a short time.

hannahbeekuhns said...

WTF hell! WTFFFFFFFF! chubbo is gone now? HOLY.MOFO christina! baby, i'm so sorry. my heart is broken too.. *hug*

Vyvyan said...

You're making me bawl like a baby now. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have a white calico too and she likes to roll belly up and will only drink from the sink too. I'm off to give her hugs now.

JillyB said...

Oh Tina, that is so sad. My heart goes out to you, that's such a short amount of time to lose two kitties. I think she missed Bratty too and didn't want to live alone. Its been a very rough week for you.

hakucho said...

Just catching up...I'm so sorry about your two dear kitties. :( Hard enough to lose one, but both :(

A great big hug for you (((( ))))

Juls said...

I was so sad to read about your loss. What a sweet tribute to your dear kitty.