Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday can bite my booty

Good lord. It is just way too early for me to go out and shop. I was going to hit Purlescence and Knitting Arts this morning like I did last year, but I just cannot convince myself to go out in the cold weather, in my pajamas, after 5ish hours of sleep. I am clearly not lacking for sock yarn, though I am wanting to knit some Aenemoi Mittens for my mother in law and I would like some variegated Koigu KPPPM maybe to go along with my bright pink Koigu KPM I bought last year.

I'll just settle for a trip to SF later for a yarn crawl I think.

Back to bed I go!

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hakucho said...

There is nothing I need that badly to go out in the middle of the night to shop. I did go to Joann's to get yarn for Christmas presents yesterday but that was it. No one was in Joann's which made me very happy. Guess they were all at the mall.

I love that mitten pattern...just beautiful :)

happy knitting :)