Sunday, March 30, 2008

Knitting is for Giving

So I have been doing several projects lately that have been gifts. I have managed to not start/finish a couple, but I'm trying to get to those.

I have, however, managed to finish some and actually give them away! Well, I guess it's really two but who's counting?

So a few people have blogged about this already, but 12 Bobaknitters put forth an effort to knit a blanket for the lovely Anabel who is about to have her second baby girl. (Yay! Babies!) Abigail somehow managed to get all of us yarn without the secret getting out! I am so tickled that I got to be a part of making something for Anabel, she is a lovely person who I enjoy spending time with.

Anyways, I managed to remember to take a picture of my square before I delivered it to Abigail. I also remembered not to upload it to my Flickr account until AFTER we gave Anabel the blanket!

Here's my square:

Pakucho is a very nice cotton yarn to knit with. I know it gets mentioned a lot that it is splitty, but I guess I didn't mind it so much since I had to deal with splitty cotton yarn when I knit my Adara rainbow shawl.

Anyways, Abigail got kind of crazy and thought we could sew up the blanket and give it to Anabel while Kristi was here the weekend before Easter. No one told Abigail she had just purchased a ticket on the "are you flipping crazy?" train, so we got together on Friday afternoon/evening and sewed it up. It wasn't bad sewing up the squares with lovely company (Lisa D and Karen and Abigail, of course). Here is the blanket in the state I left it at 11pm:
So she managed, somehow, to crochet a border around it, wash it again and wrapped it in time for our 11am meeting with Kristi!

I got several cute photos from our quick little get together, you can see them in my Anabel's Baby Blanket set on Flickr.

The next day was Easter and hubby and I had some friends over, one of whom was the recipient of Mr Hedgie. I failed at taking a photo of the recipient WITH Mr Hedgie, but I did get some silly pictures of the recipient:

Her brother:

And the zombie crew:
It was a really nice Easter. We haven't done much for a few years now for Easter, but this one was a lot of fun.

But man, it was nearly impossible to give away Mr Hedgie. I mean, look at this face:


Abigail said...

I'm still surprised no one actually told me I was getting on the crazy train. ;)

Thank you for all of your help!

Pauline said...

Mr Hedge must have been way too hard to part with! I'm sure he must be well loved in his new home now.

Juls said...

Mr. Hedgehog is super cute!! I didn't check my email easter weekend and was totally stunned by all the mobilization of the bobaknitters to sew it up and finish. Go team!