Monday, March 03, 2008

Stitches Loots

Yeah, this is a week late but I will blame my lack of posting on the toxic plague that decided to move in as Stitches started. (Damnable germs!!)

Anyways, like I said before it was awesome to go again this year and see so many people I knew. And the shopping was awesome too.

My first stop of the day on Thursday was the Ravelry booth. I totally NEEDED to get a Bob pin. And I wanted to pick up my Ravelry passport. And pick up I did!

I didn't really buy much more that night, though I did purchase the Knitter's Block from Article Pract.

So when I say I didn't buy more that night, it doesn't mean I didn't get FREE STUFF. Yeah baby, Malabrigo lace samples!

And Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn samples!

(Ok, so maaaaaaaaaybe I might have returned a time or two...)

So Friday I returned, again with the OCK and her mom and a few other friends (and an enemy, my stupid cold that decided to take over). We had taken the day off to devote it to shopping. And a shopping we did go!

So my payment for knitting Ruby was a skein of yarn from the Fiber Fiend booth! I picked out this lovely Merino/Tencel yarn (yes Lisa, I know it isn't as stretchy as the merino I knit with. No I don't care, it's shiny. I can't help myself.) that Margit is calling Shiny Sock:

Mmm. Shiny.

I also went to the Tess' Designer Yarn booth and picked up a skein of their new sock yarn, Peruvian Sock, which is 60% merino, 20% silk, 10% alpaca and 10% nylon as well as their baby sweater pattern I've seen Jill knit a couple of times that I've been wanting to make.

Yeah, it is that shiny. God this stuff feels good. I thought I was having trouble capturing the real color of this stuff so I took a couple of pics. I think this one, while blurrier than the other ones, is closer to the real color:

Pretty stuff, I can't wait to give it a try. I guess it must be really new because it isn't even listed on their site yet.

I was wearing my Adara Rainbow Shawl on Friday and I might have found the PERFECT shawl pin in the Gita Maria booth:

Good, no? I was very happy to find it. I think it looks great on this shawl and I think it will also be good with my Forest Canopy Shawl.

Because it was Stitches and my no-sock-yarn-buying-until-I-have-knitted-a-bajillion-socks fee was waived, I picked up this lovely Baywood Yarn in the Nine Rubies booth:

It is pretty yarn and it's dyed locally, just up the Peninsula in San Carlos.

Across the aisle from Nine Rubies was the Comuknity's booth, which is where I picked up two skeins of the
Malacrackbrigo Laceweight yarn:

I managed to buy some bulkier yarn (I know! Isn't it amazing what Stitches can do to a gal?!) in the Brooks Farm Yarn booth. This is the Brooks Farm Acero yarn as well as the pattern for the items that were on display in the booth (an entrelac hat and scarf).

Yee haw.

So as the day was waning, we wandered into the Just Our Yarn booth and I fell head over heels with their Maple Tree Shawl and before I knew it, my money had fallen out of my pocket and into their hands. I ended up with the kit in their colorway TTT07-049 and clear rainbow beads:

So pretty! I love the beads. (Again, shiny) I had assumed thought was silk is actually 100% Tencel!

I am dying to make this! I have some deadline knitting projects to get out of the way, but then I think that I will make this shawl. We will not speak of the OTHER beaded shawl kit that is otn elsewhere in my house.

At some point on Friday, I bought one of these. Yes, I bought one. Shut up. Apparently I am such a lemming that I decided to ignore it and not take a picture of it. I got it with the intent of using it to hold my balled yarns (like the dishcloth cotton balls) that I love to re-ball with my ball winder. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I'm also tired of chasing the damn dishcloth cotton balls around my kitchen floor when they decide to hop out of the bag/box/whatever I have put them in while I am winding them. So now I can put them in a plastic prison and knit away on them.

So I returned again on Saturday to work in the Fiber Fiend booth. Which was fun, I got to spend most of my time stamping Ravelry passports as well as running over to the Purlescence Yarns booth to get change for Margit.

I don't think I actually bought anything on Saturday. I think I spent Saturday walking around shoping with Linda (I think her blog is busted, so don't blame me for bad link-y!) and Jill after my shift and watched them buy stuff. Oh, I did buy something! (Again, that I didn't take a picture of. Duh.) I got one of these from the Bella Knitting booth. So now my new purse doesn't have to touch the filthy floor at Tapioca Express on Thursday nights! Hooray! Oh, and the OCK had non-buying remorse so I returned to the Carolina Homespun booth and picked up a yummy little fiber sampler box:

I got it with the intent of using it to do some needle felting.

Overall Saturday was nice, even though I felt like dirt. I got to spend some time knitting with an assortment of Boba knitters and I got to meet the very lovely Rachael of Yarn-a-Go-Go fame (while she was looking divine in her Jeanie shawl, hmm maybe the beaded laceweight will have to wait a little longer). I was wishing very much that I could have gone to the event going on at Bobbin's Nest Studio in the evening but I went home and died slept for 12 or 14 hours.

Sunday I went back, I had a bajillion yellow tickets to enter in the grand prize drawing and I had neglected to turn in my Ravelry passport so I crawled back to the convention center. I had also skipped buying a couple of things that I went back and corrected before the show ended.

I had neglected to buy anything from Fiber Fiend (I didn't shop during my shift like Tina and Hannah did!) so I went back to correct that and picked up two of her larger sized project bags:

Hannah had bought the colorway of sock yarn that I wanted from Tactile Fiber Arts on Saturday, but when I got to thinking about it I decided that hell would freeze over before she knit a pair of socks out of this yarn so I went back to their booth and bought the same color she did:

There was also a wonderful booth that I am too lazy to get up and figure out their name, but it was the cute booth with all the buttons and ribbons and such in it. I got these cute girl buttons that I saw when I first entered the booth (I think on Thursday) but didn't buy until Sunday:

How could I not buy those? And of course, while I was waiting to pay for these, I was distracted by these beauties that ended up in my bag too before I knew what hit me:

I love them so much I had to take closeup pics of them:

Yes, shiny objects did me in again.

My final acquisition of the day was FREE. I went back to the coveted Malacrackbrigo booth and managed to wrangle their final sample of... sock yarn!

I cannot WAIT for this stuff to come out. This stuff is SOFT and yummy. The amount that I got is only enough for probably a pair of baby socks. Or one Teenuh sized sock that I will have to snuggle up to until this stuff is produced for sale. Or until I wrangle the other half of the skein from whomever got it. I had to work to get this stuff! I had to yammer on about it for a while until the dude finally admitted it existed.

So, anyways, that is my 2008 Stitches adventure. It was fun and snot filled. Not quite the mixture I had wanted but at least it was fun!


Pauline said...

I love everything you got. Seems like you did ok even though you lost some shopping time to illness. Those buttons are so beautiful!

Cindy/Snid said...

yer killin me! You got FREE Malabrigo? What, are they trying to make some new addicts?! Wow. Well, sounds like you had fun a got a good haul even with the plague. Glad you are feeling better!!!!!

hakucho said...

Oh, my goodness ...what beautiful yarn and loot:)
I'm jealous...I would have loved to have gone. Never been to anything like that. Take good care of's too bad you were feeling sickly, but glad you didn't miss the fun!!

happy knitting :)