Monday, April 14, 2008

Gone to Paris

Hello, my name is Teenuh and I live in a state of denial. Somehow, I figured that I would be able to work a full day, finish packing, watch Dancing with the Stars, download photos from my digital camera (including a photo filled blog post), and update songs on my MP3 player while getting to bed at a reasonable hour. It is now after 10pm and I have done the work thing, have packed my clothes but need to get to the toiletry packing, watched most of DWTS but have yet to do a thing with either my camera or my MP3 player. Yeah. This is working out well.

Anyways, I'm gone to Paris in the AM. I'll be back on the 23rd. Miss me, I'll miss you my Internets.


P.S. I am taking my iPhone and I got an international data plan, so you can keep an eye out on my Flickr for photos on the go!


mo said...

Have I mentioned that I'm so flippin' jealous of your trip?!?
Beware the freaks on the metro...but have fun!
Bon voyage, mon amie! :)

no-blog-rachel said...

Happy travels! Today's my day for denial - so now there are 2 of us in that state.

See you sometime after the 25th (my return)!

Cindy/Snid said...

Bon Voyage!! I will look for your photos!!!!!

hakucho said...

Awesome!!! Hope you have a wonderful trip :)