Wednesday, April 09, 2008

5 Days!

In just five days (FIVE!), the population of knitters that make up the Ravelry community (over 105,000 strong!) dug deep into their pockets and Ravelraised over THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

The original goal was a mere $7,000 so the Code Monkey could buy another server. When that passed by so smashingly, the new "lofty" goal of $30K was established so that we could help put Ravelry in the black. And we did it, woohoo!

Hooray for knitters. Hooray for Casey and Jess. Long live Ravelry!!


hakucho said...

Wow...that's amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teenuh! Heard about Ravelraiser from your blog and I gave. My icon has a temporary facelift as well. :)