Friday, September 12, 2008

So much to say, so little time to say it in!

I had a fantastic time in Minnesota last weekend. My cousin's wedding was wonderful and she looked so beautiful. I have bunches of pictures from the day but I haven't had the time this week to upload them.

I also finished a metric assload of projects, another chicken, a garterlac cloth, a miniature sweater, a baby blanket... but I haven't had a chance to sit down and write anything about them.

I delivered the baby blanket this morning, that is another post to write as well!

The Kindle is fantastic. Again, I haven't had bunches of time to spend poking around it, but I sent myself some preview chapters (you can download chapter 1 of any Kindle book for free to see if you want to buy the whole book) and I actually managed to read a couple of them. I might actually buy one full book tonight so that I have more than just one chapter to read during the long ass flight(s) between San Jose and Orlando.

Yes, I'm off into the wild blue yonder again. Next stop Mickey and my Mom! (Hubby and I and two friends are going to cavort with Mickey for 5 days and then I have 2 days with my mom, hooray). I'm likely going to be paying for internet access while I'm in Florida but I make no guarantees I'll be posting until I'm back from VACATION.

Be good, internets. I'll miss you.


hakucho said...

Have a wonderful trip :)

smariek said...

You're like barely back and then you're off again! That sounds like a fun trip, and the perfect amount of both Mickey and Mom, lol. Can't wait to see more photos...