Thursday, September 25, 2008

9 books in 13 days

Yes, my Kindle is everything I hoped for and more. It kept me occupied during my trip to Orlando in our non-park hours.

I've now read nine books in the past 13 days.

"What nine books?", you might ask.

"The Twilight series", I might reply.

"But there are only four books in the series."

"Very true, but it's nine books if you read books one, two and three twice and book four three times that adds up to nine."

Also, this is a conversation that I just had with my hubby:

[16:52] me: I finished book 4 again
[16:53] hubby: Ah good
[16:54] hubby: Are you sated or do you need another lance?
[16:54] me: I might have read the first couple of pages of book 1...
[16:58] hubby: PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE!

I might need an intervention before long. I have a benchmark though! Our friend that introduced us to the series sent me this email after I sent him one complaining to him that I blamed him for my need to read the series multiple times:

I've read the entire series three times.

Please burn this email after reading.

As if I'd burn it!! I've only read book 4 three times...


DaFawnz said...

Hmm. This has clearly become not just an obsession but a compulsion as well. And everyone thinks I'm the crazy one....

smariek said...

But it's still early, you may eventually read the entire series three ore more times...

Izumie/Tiff said...

I want a kindle! Is it worth begging for one for christmas?