Monday, October 06, 2008

Hi, my name is Teenuh and I am a Twilight addict

I need help. I really do.

Twilight: 5 readings
New Moon: 4 readings
Eclipse: 4 readings
Breaking Dawn: 5 readings
Midnight Sun: 2 readings

I purposely left my Kindle at home today to try to stop the insanity (though I finished my 5th reading of Twilight this morning before work..). I even brought an actual book to read (The Yarn Harlot's latest book, Free Range Knitter).

I've not been Twilight free however. I've been reading the Outtakes/Extras from Stephenie Meyer's site. Sadly, it doesn't totally stop my desire to read the books again. Just sort of stokes the fire.

But hey, I have a date for November 21st... the ebil friend that introduced the Twilight Saga to hubby & me asked if we were going with him since he knew no one else would go with him. Hubby hopes to read Twilight by then, but he's gonna borrow Mr Ebil's copy of the books since he'll have to pry the Kindle from my cold, dead hands before he can read my copy!!

(Busted widget got deleted. Damnable thing.)


hakucho said...

You poor really are VERY addicted :)

smariek said...

I bet somebody has started a Twilight Readers Anonymous group, lol.