Thursday, April 12, 2007

BobaKnit Rocks!!

I think I must be having a post BobaKnit laughing frenzy high because I am blogging at freaking 11:30pm and I haven't blogged in a week. I laughed so hard tonight, it was a ball! I so needed to come out of my knitting closet sooner! Oh well, I am very glad I did because I had so much fun tonight.

I have successfully finished my Elfine socks! Hooray! I actually finished sock #1 on Saturday and promptly cast on sock #2 and knit my little heart out on Sunday and Monday and finished #2 late Monday night. I have only now just taken the time to slip them on my sock blockers. I did a dry slip on because even though I am on a post knitting fun high, I am still fairly tired and not feeling terribly smart. But here they are dry blocked:

Words cannot express how much I am in love with these socks! They are the same leafy pattern that my favorite lace dishcloth is made out of. I think it is also the same pattern the candle light shawl is made out of (I think that is the name of it. See above comment about being tired while doing this blog post!). Whatever the heck pattern it is from, I love it so much!

Here are a couple of closeup shots of the lace pattern:

As you can probably tell from the closeup photos, the second sock I knit came out much more purpley than the first one that came out predominantly green. I am still very happy with how these socks look.

I am now faithfully knitting on my Forest Canopy Shawl. I don't know if I am making good progress on it but I think I am finally getting comfortable with the long purl rows back across. I think I knit a full repeat between last night watching the AI results show and tonight at Boba. I keep looking at it wondering if I should have used bigger needles (I'm using size 4's) but I don't know that I have the heart to frog it at this point. I think I have plenty of yarn using the 4's but we shall see. I am sure I will get to where I have run out of yarn and it will be too small for me and I will have to frog it. And then I will cry. I neglected to take a pic of it because it looks the same as it did last time, there's just more of it now. It is still very pretty yarn though, I am enjoying watching the colors change in it and loving how it is not pooling.

I got some yarn this week! I got my Posh Yarn shipment for the April sock club. This is the April Showers colorway:

I also got one of all 12 colors of Adara from I am going to make their Adara Rainbow Shawl with it.
I am still trying to be exclusively faithful to the Forest Canopy Shawl for fear of never finishing the damn thing if I try to knit other things. Although I do feel so naked without a sock in progress, so I will likely pick a pattern to knit in the next couple of days.

And then the last BobaKnit I went to, Abigail was getting rid of some yarn that she wasn't happy with and some that she thought she was allergic to so I picked up some of this lovely Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn in the Serendipity colorway.

It kills me that the SWTC page for their Bamboo yarn has the Serendipity colorway in the photo at the top of the page, but in the list of colorways, the Serendipity box says the photo is coming soon.

Ok, my Boba high is wearing off so I think it is time to stop blogging for tonight!

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hakucho said...

Beautiful socks..I love that leaf lace pattern...I'll have to try that one out as a cloth!

As always you always have such great yarn to show off!!

happy knitting :)