Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I knit, I really do!

So I am back to the blogging world after a break. Life got a little sad last week (it still is a little, it is better though), but sometimes that's how it is.

While I was away, I made pretty good use of my time.

The EA at my client had the displeasure of slamming her thumb in her car door and desired a hand knit thumb cover. She's a rather, um, loud girl and quite noisily requested for me to knit her a thumb cover. So one night with the extreme desire to shut her up, I sat down for half an hour or so and knit her one up with my leftover yarn from the Fetching gloves. This is me modeling it (it took so many shots to get one in focus!!) and one of it lying on my desk after I got the focused shot on my hand.

She loved it and actually has worn it for several days.

I heard that the controller at my former client is pregnant and having a girl, so I knit her some gifts.

First up, the lovely orangutan Schweetheart kindly modeled the 5 hour baby sweater set I knit:

And here it is laid flat:

The yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates in Pink and the pattern, of course, is my favorite pattern, the 5 Hour Baby Sweater and the other pieces are the matching bonnet and booties. Super fast and super simple to knit. I am really pleased with how these turned out. I think they will be great newborn gear!

Because I think I lost my mind in Michael's the day I bought the yarn for the 5 hour sweater, I bought another ball of Sugar n' Creme in Strawberry Swirl to make this lovely Papillon washcloth as another gift to tuck into the package:

I am so very pleased with how this turned out as well. It is even kind of pretty from the back side:

(Clearly I changed flash settings between these pictures. I have no idea what setting I used on the first pic that worked so damn well but I will have to make a note of which setting I used because the color is so much better than the back side photo!)

And lastly, this isn't something new I knit, but rather it is a new way to show off my socks! I finally purchased the sock blockers from Chappywoman on eBay. I am so in love!! Since I am such a cat fanatic, I couldn't pick between the two so I got my hubby to buy me one. :)

This first photo is of the Smokey Jo sock blockers (modeling my Monkey socks):

And here is the photo of my Fat Cat sock blockers (modeling my Whiskers and Paw Prints socks):

Now I just need to finish my current socks so that I can block them on my new blockers! Though now the only things I have on needles now are my Elfine socks and my Forest Canopy Shawl. I wasn't knitting too much on my shawl because I wasn't comfortable with the length of cable I had so I took a break while I waited for my Knitpicks shipment for the final two lengths I hadn't yet purchased. But now I have them so I presume I will resume knitting my shawl!


DaFawnz said...

It was a sucky week. But your knitting? Very nice... The 5 hr. came out lovely. I love the papillion. Yippie for butterflies. The sock blockers are cute too. I am glad you finagled both of them.

hakucho said...

Everything looks great! Very lovely baby set and the butterfly cloth is beautiful. Glad your coworker appreciated the thumb cover...that's nice.

happy knitting :)

Sarah Hall said...

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