Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Birthday Fun

Well this has been a good birthday. Possibly one of my best, but we'll see how that goes in the next couple of weeks.

Besides today being my birthday, it also happens to be my manager's birthday. So I knit her a circular dishcloth. This is made out of Peaches n Creme yarn in the colorway 179 Aqua Mist.

When I started knitting this, I wasn't too sure about the mustard color in this ombre but I am really pleased with how it turned out. This is the same Rhonda K White pattern as I used before.

On Sunday night, I finished my Monkey socks that I started on Friday night. I swear there is some speed knitting mojo in the Knit Picks DPN's. I really love this Apple Laine Apple Pie yarn. It has such a pretty shine to it.

I had hoped with this nicely variegated colorway that I would actually be able to see the Monkey pattern but I'm not sure I've achieved that. But again, I don't mind. I love this sock a lot and I can't wait to finish the second one. I got sidetracked with the dishcloth but I cast on sock #2 this morning while I was waiting for a doctor appointment. Here's the detail of the Monkey sock:

I think if you click the picture and look at the original size on Flickr you can see the pattern towards the bottom of the picture. So maybe when it is actually on my foot the pattern will pop out.

I got my final shipment from my Posh Yarn sock club (*sniff*). It is a lovely colorway, each of their final skeins was pretty much unique to the individual as they varied the same mix of colors differently for each skein. This is the colorway Farewell:

I also may have ordered some yarn online... I couldn't help myself when I got an email from the Simply Socks Yarn Company that Cherry Tree Hill produced a special colorway for their 2nd anniversary. Their site has a lot of pinks and browns, and this yarn definitely matches their site! I love the chocolate brown and pink combo, that's been a favorite color pairing to wear of mine lately.

I also got a manly color yarn that will eventually be knit into socks for my large footed hubby. This is OnLine Supersocke 100 Highland Color in colorway #844.

This yarn was really nice to knit with my feather and fan socks, I am hoping it is as enjoyable to knit this for my hubby.

Hubby has earned socks. Not only does he put up with my mass yarn purchases, but he also told me that he wanted to buy me some yarn for my birthday, but he had no idea what to buy. He loves the Space Invaders sock pattern, so he Googled that and found Knitty and was looking for more inspiration but sadly he was unable to do so. But he still gets points for the thought. Oh, and he gets points for the beautiful pearl necklace and matching bracelets he bought me for my birthday. And the dinner he took me to at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum.

All in all, a good day.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope that it was a good day and I am glad to know you!!!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday!

Some tips for hubby:

1) Talk to your knitting friends to get yarn ideas.
2) Go to the LYS you frequent the most and ask them.
3) Sock yarn. You can't go wrong.

DaFawnz said...

Woo Hoo, Happy birthday! Mike is always awsome. The Dude bought you more Jewelry in 1 birthday than my hubby has bought in 11 years!! Sounds like your birthday was a scream. Socks are lookin' good.

hakucho said...

You should be please with how your cloth turned's beautiful :)

Linda said...

Hello Teenuh! Wish you a wonderful but belated birthday. Hope u enjoyed the day with lots of fun. Those knits are just awesome and very creative.Wish you all the best and lots of cheer!