Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pfft Second Sock Syndrome

Hey there Ms. OCK... there is no SSS here!

This is sock #2, cast on tonight (I have included the completed sock #1 to avoid threats of it being a decoy photo from sock#1's progress) (and no, it's not some Photoshop trickery. I'm not that skilled. =P) with one repeat completed. I'm sure I would have had more done but I was busy sleeping my Sunday away. Damnable sinuses of mine. Headache seems to be gone now, but of course it prevented me from both getting any work done this weekend and from going to Bobaknit today. Sigh.

Here is something else I forgot to blog about in August. My hubby went to see his parents last month and this was what he brought back for me:

Ok, so it's a free paper. But omg it's a free paper with an lolcat on the cover!!! How awesome is that?

Today's kitten cuteness is a story of how cleaning your sister turns into a wrasslin match. Have a looksie.

It all starts innocently enough. Saylor starts preening Xi Xi:

Xi Xi being the loving sister begins to reciprocate:

As it turns out, they discover they're at the perfect angle to start wrassling!

Oh, it's on!

It's chompin time!

And that is how cleaning your sister turns into a wrasslin match. =^_^=

(Stay tuned, I will definitely catch the tub match action soon and put them on YouTube.)

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go. We found the battery charger. Sigh. It was knocked off our kitchen table into our newspaper recycling box. Hubby found it tonight when he was taking out the newspapers to our recycling bin.


hakucho said...

Good thing your husband found that charger!!!...that would have been awful if it had been thrown out :)

Your socks look great!
Very cute kitties. Looks like all siblings(human and animal) have there spats ;)

happy knitting ;)

DaFawnz said...

Wow! Apparently false accusations strongly inspire the birth of second socks! I would NEVER accuse you of altering your photos.... haha, but that was sure quick. Looking good. M can't wait to come back and squeeze those kitties again...