Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progress Report

Great googly moogly. Where the hell does the time go? I have been completely slammed at work lately, there have been a good number of late nights put in this month and it sure doesn't feel like it's going to end soon. We went live with a new accounting system to replace QuickBooks, the fun with that is never ending. Some days it seems like the new system is nothing more than a steaming pile of poo. Then there are the new auditors (we fired our old ones, what a bunch of monkeys they were) that are working very diligently to finish our 2005 & 2006 audits (yeah, the old ones couldn't get their shit together to finish our 2005 audit let alone start 2006) in a 3 week time period. So when they give us a pile of stuff to put together for them, we have to jump. And it is the end of the quarter, so there is always fun associated with that. Let's see what else. Oh yeah, we're moving offices at the end of next week. Yippee. At least I get a 3 day weekend! Woohoo. No rest for the wicked until then though, ugh. So yeah, it's been fun. At least delivering my annual reviews for my employees got pushed out to next week. Oh yeah, and I have bronchitis (though I do at least have antibiotics now). Yippee.

Anyways, there has been knitting despite the madness! I posted these a few days ago on my Flickr but I am only now able to scrape together the time to blog about my progress.

I finished the first of my waving lace socks. I really love the Smooshy yarn, it is yummy stuff. The pattern is pretty too, though I was struggling to photograph it.

Here it is though on a sock blocker:

And on my tootsie:

The color is so yummy. Here's a little closer pic of the pattern:

I so have not cast on the second sock, there just hasn't been the time for that. And oh man, I am dying to cast on the Marigold Socks. I will have to cast on the second sock just so it gets on the needles even if it sits in time out while I knit the Marigold socks. Sandra really got me aching to knit them with her beautiful socks! (though she turned the toe up sock into a top down one, wtf is wrong with you Sandra!! teehee, I so totally *heart* you still, I forgive you!)

Anyways, still making progress on the second Koigu Monkey sock.

Here is a little closer pic of the sock:

I really love the colorway. It's gorgeous. And god I love how the Koigu feels. I know that it isn't necessarily the most durable of sock yarns but god it is nice to knit. And the dyes in it are gorgeous. I can hardly wait to finish. Since I took these photos, I have managed to turn the heel so I am now on my first repeat on the leg. Woohoo. Just 5 more pattern repeats to go!

I also somehow managed to bang out a dishcloth for my hubby's boss. It's not like I'm sucking up to her, I used to work with her when I worked for the consulting firm my hubby works for now. I was on the internal staff for a year, so I got to know her. She's a peach, I adore her. (I got a really sweet thank you card from her today. That was lovely after the day I had today.) Anyways, I knit her a dishcloth using the lacy round dishcloth pattern from Rhonda K. White at Knitting Knonsense.

I used Peaches 'n Creme yarn in the Gumdrops colorway. I love how this pattern turns out with variegated yarns. It is so fun.

Oh, and great googly moogly. The kittens are getting quite not-kittenish in a hurry! They tag-teamed hubby the other day and I snapped a pic:

(Please to be disregarding the crapola in the background!)

Saylor has much to say about me not being home much lately:

(How hilarious is this pic. As Kristi points out on Flickr, this pic is so ripe for lolcatesque comments!)

Before I go, I have to quickly comment on my Bunco night last night and what a blast it was. Who could turn down fine eats like this:

It was an awesomely fun evening. A nice break in the rigorous workdays I've had this month! More pics from the evening over on my Flickr.

Anyways, that's how wonderful the world of Teenuh has been lately. Here's hoping your world has been more wonderful!


DaFawnz said...

Mmmm, Twinkie Weiner Sandwiches! Who turns a toe up to top down!?? The socks are lookin' good and so are the kitties. I don't know if I can resist the lol catness of that shot....

Abigail said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. We were wondering where you were on Sunday.

I'm not sure how I feel about Twinkie/Hot Dog/Easy Cheez sandwiches, slightly sick, I think.

hakucho said...

Your socks are fabulous. After seeing the rose ones, which are super duper, then you have another pair just as wonderful :)
Cute kitty picture...boy, she sure looks like she has a lot to say.You were lucky to get that shot...good for you.

Hopefully things at work will improve. I don't have a paying job, but the atmosphere here with two teenage boys doesn't sound much better. It really can be the pits some days! (Don't get me wrong i love them dearly and when my college son comes home it reminds me that someday they will become nice...hopefully ;) )

happy's what makes us sane ;)and feel better real soon, get lots of rest!