Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First FO of 2008

Well, they're done. I'm not sure really what went wrong with the gauge. The only thing I can imagine is that somehow I picked the wrong needles when I increased needle size after the cuff. The finished left hand mitten is about an inch longer than the right mitten. And it's slightly wider. Sigh.
The insides are sure pretty:

They're blocking right now.

Hopefully they will be dry in the morning so I can ship them off to Oregon. My mother in law's birthday is Saturday. I am tempted to not put these in the box. I hate that they are so obviously handmade with their very different sizes. I mean the knitting is nice and the pattern is beautiful, but the size thing. Man. I am getting more embarrassed about sending these as I look at these photos.

I dunno, maybe my mil has a bigger left hand?

I clearly should have gone with worsted weight mittens.


Kalli said...

clearly amazing, i love these mits! you always impress me with your stuffs! <3

hakucho said...

Those mittens are gorgeous. The first photo didn't look like they were different in size. Maybe you could stretch the smaller one a little. I'm sure they'll be loved no matter what!!!

happy new year :)

DaFawnz said...

So super nifty. I know MILN will love them. She'll probably never notice that they aren't the same size. I am excited to got to see them before they went away.

Vyvyan said...

Niiiice Job on the mittens! I'm impressed.

I've had size issues both with a pair of socks for me and some gloves I made for Christmas gifts. For me, I'm okay with it.

Once the mittens are being worn, the size difference will probably not be noticed.