Friday, January 25, 2008

Hand Knit Friday!!

My answer to Janice's question this Friday is that I wore my Broadripple Socks!

I have been happily knitting away on my Clapotis over the past 10 days or so. Totally easy, I am glad I have jumped on the bandwagon. I have been terribly lazy about taking pictures of stuff I am working on lately, I don't know what my problem has been! So I have no progress photos of the Clapotis, though I am about halfway done with it in theory. There are still many stitches to drop, but I am happy with it so far. I did manage to take a picture of the yummy Misti Alpaca Worsted yarn I am using for it. It is slightly sticky but it's not terrible to drop the stitches. And I am looking forward to the warmth of it so I'm not about to complain! Anyways, as I said no progress photos but here's one of the yarn:

I bought this probably 8 or 9 months ago, so I am happy to finally put it to use.

I never did blog about my Christmas gift I got from my lovely friend Amy (I love it, her site is titled "Knitting in the Slow Lane" but since she hasn't posted in, oh, nearly 2 years it's more like "Blogging in the Slow Lane"! teehee). We had a secret Santa gift exchange among our group of friends, and luckily, not only was she my secret Santa, she also saw my beggar post!

Holy lucky knitter, batman! I was bowled over that I got my yarn for Jeanie! Woot!

Soooo pretty! I am so in love with it.

Amy also gave me a beautiful Della Q bag that I adore:
She also gave me a Louet Hand Dyed Sock Yarn kit in the blue color. I'm a goob and when I went to get my fabulous ear light she got me from Full Thread Ahead, I spazzed out and not only did I not take the photo of the ear light, I also didn't take a picture of the damnable sock kit.

One piece I have left out of the story so far, is the permission slip. Yes, a permission slip!

So, Amy being a Bobaknitter, knows my sock yarn sherriff Kristi. I didn't see this permission slip at first, I was too bowled over by getting six skeins of yarn (there was some serious sock yarn euphoria buzz going on) that I didn't really take a look at the contents of the page protectors. I was looking at the page protector containing the photo of my blog post again, taking the time to actually read her note on it, and it caught my eye that there was something on the back side of the page protector. That's when I found the permission slip. What an awesome addition to the gift!

And because I appear to be on a totally random blog post streak, I will finally post my pics of my hubby modeling his Dashing gloves I knit him for Christmas. They've come in very handy lately, it's been pretty chilly here lately.

I think they look better when they are worn rather than lying on a table.

Sorry ladies, he's all mine!

I took out a few rows in the pattern, it was just WAY too long. I think my yarn had slightly different row gauge, so if I had actually knit all the rows the pattern has, I think these would have gone up to his elbows. I am glad that he loves them, I am so happy to finally knit something useful for him!

So, I will wrap up my everlasting post with hamster pics! I finally have seen the babies! With fur! And open eyes!

They sure do make lots of little squeaks. It's very cute. OH! How exciting! More photos, and all 5 of them even! This viewing though, it doesn't really appear that their eyes are actually open yet. One of them might have open eyes, but it doesn't look like they are open fully yet.

This is so sweet, I'm so thrilled I caught a photo of it. The little teensy babies are nursing on their little teensy mama. It is so cute looking at these baby Roborovski hamsters!!

She started getting flustered when they broke out of the nest and started running amok in the cage.
She's still trying to corral them back with her.

I think I mentioned in my last post (lazy streak is coming up again) that we moved papa to some new digs, and again I finally uploaded the pics:

(Why yes, that is the dragon dishcloth I knitted for my hubby. Yes, great usage it's getting. Keeping papa hamham's sleeping digs dark.)

And here he is running in his ginormous wheel:

Ok, so since I started this post when it was still Friday and it's now Saturday, I think it is time for me to get a move on. I have a semi-formal event to attend tomorrow night that I have to shop for in the morning. Yes, I did not buy anything yet to wear to it. Yes, it won't stop fucking raining. Yes, it is going to be a beautiful hair night. Woo.

Oh, and I nearly forgot! I wanted to give a shout out to my lovely friend inside the computer, Hakucho (aka Deb!) who gave my my first ever award!

I will continue the circle, though I am going to make this fast because omg huge post. My friends, both in the computer and outside the computer, who make my day are:
  • The OCK - For being my creativity inspiration. All of my crafts I love to do, you reminded me of how much I loved doing them growing up and inspired me to do them again.
  • Kristi - For being my sock yarn conscience and for inspiring me to queue beautiful projects you link to me!
  • Kelli - Also my friend in the computer, you make my day because you took up knitting after my praising the glory of knitting chatting with you online. I'm so thrilled that you are having so much fun and have now not only found a group of people to knit with in your little town but have also inspired a couple of friends to take up knitting!
  • Mo - After so many years of being able to call you friend (dude, we hit 20 years.. wtf when did that happen), I'm so happy to still be connected to you. I hope your little girl gets to you soon. I can't wait to knit her something.
  • And last but not least, my BobaKnit pals (yeah, I'm just going to name the group, dude I will be here until 5am if I don't!) - I am so happy to have decided to swallow my shyness and hang out twice a week to knit with you all. I am having so much fun getting to know you all.
So I think at long last, that is all for now. Happy knitting all!


Kalli said...

<3 I love how your mister is going rawr! The little glovies turned out great!
the little beans are sooo cute! are you keeping them and omg what are you going to name them?
thanks for the sweet words awwww! *sniffs* you're an inspiration!

margit said...

Those hamster babies are TOO cute!! And what a great stash from your secret pal! I'm jealous!!!

hakucho said...

Love those socks...color is awesome. It's so nice that your hubby love his mitts. They look great on him!

Your babies are so cute!!!

Mo said...

Awwwww, you made MY day! :) But 20 years? What were we, just barely out of diapers?
Thanks for including me and especially for the sweet words about my little one to be. Ya got me all teary!

JillyB said...

Cute baby pics! They are catching up to their mom in size already! or so it looks in the pics, maybe they are all piled up on each other and look big. I have witnessed the clapotis, so I know it exists even with out pictures.