Saturday, January 12, 2008

Half a Year

My dearest Bratty,

Yesterday was 6 months that you left me and it is now 11 days past what would have been your 19th birthday. I still miss you, but the kittens you and the Chubbo sent to take care of us are wonderful. They are very naughty, but that is how kittens are. They pull toilet paper off the rolls (as you did, though they don't string it through my bedroom like you did), they chew on stuff (thankfully this is something neither you nor Chubbo put us through) and they play at all hours of the day and night. And they love, both us and each other. I am sorry I never had someone you could love, other than me. It is really sweet how Xi Xi and Saylor love each other. And play with each other. But you were a good girl, tolerating the Chubbo as you did.

I miss you and love you.


P.S. I hope you're not peeing on too many things in heaven. You peed on enough stuff here.