Sunday, May 25, 2008

FO Catch Up

I've so been slacking on blogging my knitted objects. Time for a little catch up!

So back in March, I went on a little get away weekend with the OCK and some other friends to the Pleasanton Scrapbook Expo. We stayed in a hotel up in Livermore and had some girl time together, which gave us time to finish the Loopy Ewe Woolpets kit that I bought for us to make together as part of the OCK's Christmas present. So we needlefelted our little Loopys together and man, did they turn out cute. Here's mine:

I also have been knitting Cookie's Hedera socks toe-up, though these got first put on hold for my mom's Brighton bag after I finished the first one.

I love the lace pattern on these:

I'm knitting these using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Devon colorway. It is so beautiful, I really love it and it thankfully isn't doing any of the wicked pooling my Lorna's usually does.

Now that I have finished knitting Brighton, the second sock is on hold while I knit my Froot Loop socks.

The yarn is Zen String Loopy Legends in the Michelle's Pretty Pink Cactus colorway. I thought it was very froot loopy and I still think so, though it also is a very watermelony colorway. The yarn is nice to knit though, and the colors are beauuuutiful. These will be an awesome pair of socks to wear I think.

I'm kind of proud of myself for knitting the pattern as written. Ordinarily I would have flipped the sock and done them toe up with a short row heel, but I actually have knit them top down and with the heel flap:

I don't mind the pooling that much, it did make kind of an interesting stripe around the leg. And I just think they are beautiful socks.

I can hardly wait to finish the second sock! I'll cast on for the second sock when I wake up later this morning! (I napped a bit, so I'm up rather... late.)

I haven't quite finished the Brighton bag, though I did find some perfect fabric for the lining. I have to see if my sewing machine is in working order. The bobbin was behaving badly the last time the machine was used, and I've been dragging my feet with looking at it to see what is up with it.

That's all that I have photos of at the moment! Happy knitting.


Pauline said...

The pooling looked great. You'll have a great sock wardrobe this year!

hakucho said...

Love your socks!! My favorite are the turquoise blue ones...I seem to gravitate to that color lately.
Very cute woolpet too :)