Monday, June 02, 2008

Back to no photo postings

I swear to you, I keep telling myself that it will get better at work. That just after this next crunch it will be more in control.

Eventually, someday, this may come true. But today is not that day.

Great googly moogly. So Saturday, I was SUPPOSED to be the designated driver for some of my lovely lush Bobaknit friends. Did I get to do this? Nooooooo I did not. Why? Did you guess that I was at work for 9 hours? If you did, you'd be right. Bleargh. At least I wasn't alone this time, the entire finance team (well, excluding the 3 guys that make up our financial planning & analysis team) was there pulling together the first selection of documents our auditors requested. So it wasn't as lonely as my solitary hours I put in a few weeks ago.

And now the auditors are actually IN our office. So I get to mostly be the lead on the audit since my boss is bogged down with another project, which could, of course, lead to a pretty sizable amount of work later on this month. Besides it being quarter end. A messy, nasty, quarter end. Oh, plus it's time for the month end close. Which I have to crank out in 5 days AND provide results to auditor requests for information. While I'm closing. Yes, it is awesome to be me. You know you want to be me!

Plus I'm having trouble with one of my staff. Again. Argh.

Plus I'm about to turn another year older. I mean, it's not so bad. Not yet anyways. But bleh. I got my new driver's license today in the mail. Compared to my old photo which was taken when I changed my name a few days after I got back from my honeymoon. I look older. And definitely fatter. Although, to be fair to myself, I was unhealthy when the last photo was taken. But damn I weighed a hell of a lot less.

Sorry, apparently today is whiny day.

I will stop whining now and say that I have finished the repeats on the leg of my second Froot Loop sock. The spiraling pooling is continuing and I am still loving it. I am amused by the fact that if I lay down the second sock next to the first sock, there are points where it looks like the pooling goes right from one sock into the other one. I am to the point now where I am ready to start the heel flap. I realized when I was, oh, like 2/3 of the way down the foot, that I had done something to goof up the position of where the heel flap is on the leg, and now I know why. I think I have come to the conclusion that I goofed up the last bit of the leg where the set up is done for the heel flap by not doing half of the round in the regular pattern, I think I jumped the heel flap gun and started doing the heel flap with needle 1 instead of on needle, uh, 2 1/2? I think that is what I have done anyways. So now I am slightly stumped what to do, if I say screw it and do the sock the same (slightly wrong) way or actually do the pattern as written and have a slightly different sock on the foot. I think I am this close to just doing it the same (slightly wrong) way, just to have matching feet. It's not like it is the end of the world that it is slightly different than the pattern is written. And it sort of justifies my desire to knit this pattern again in the future. Although hopefully I will finish my second Hedera sock before I get all crazy and do another pair of Froot Loops. We will see though, I have been rather nuts lately. Working lots will do that to a girl.

I also need to get off my tookus and finish my mom's Brighton bag. I have all the materials, I just need to flipping sew the lining. And pronto, it's been a while since Mother's Day already. Ugh.

I might be turning another year older on Friday, but at least I get to have some fun in Denver this weekend. I swear. I will NOT let work prevent me from hopping on that plane to see Kristi. Well, not again anyways. Once is enough!

Ok, my whining is done. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Lisa said...

I feel your oain sister!! I have been pulling 10-12 hours days for over a week. Just one word comes to mind for me...SUCKS. On the other hand, have a paycheck is a pretty good thing!

Cindy/Snid said...

Sending you PEACE from India! Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out... All will be well and another lush Bobaknit occasion is bound to come. Am I right or what???! Give hugs to Kristi for me!

smariek said...

At least you have something fun to look forward to this weekend.

Happy Birthday!!!