Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Fun

So last Friday, the inevitable happened and I turned yet another year older. Sigh. I really do hate that I'm not 21 anymore dammit!

Anyways, for not really looking forward to turning a year older (does anyone really look forward to turning to 36?), I have to say what a freaking AWESOME birthday I managed to have this year. I'm not quite sure what I expected to go on on my birthday, but apparently I either had really low expectations or it was just that awesome. I'll try to go with it was just that awesome.

So I got a little early treat from my hubby, he went to Costco on Tuesday and picked up a gorgeous bouquet of mixed color roses that smelled divine (yeah, I'm smart. I didn't manage to take any pics of them when they first made it home. They're actually not dead yet 11 days later but they aren't nearly as fresh and lovely as they were when they first came home).

On my actual birthday, I got in to work and was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of my employees. They smelled so great, I could smell them as I would walk back to my desk.

I was surprised a little later on when my desk was swarmed by the entire Finance team (minus my co-birthday boss who was away on a business trip)

who came with a lovely cake from Goldilocks that was sort of a sampler of 4 different cakes (mango, strawberry, rocky road and chocolate).

Yes, I did try all of the flavors. It was my birthday, how could I not!

So that was a fun way to start out my day. I got to have lunch with my hubby at Hobee's, which was delish as always. I managed to get out at a reasonable hour (ok, it was because I made a nail appointment at 5pm but hey, I had to go before I left for Denver!) and my day ended with dinner at Claim Jumpers (omg so full) and packing for my trip.

The fun continued when at ass o'clock the next morning (dudes, the hell was I thinking taking the 6:40AM flight to Denver) I got up and made my way to the San Jose airport. I'll talk more about my Denver trip in my next post. There is much to tell! In summary, it was muy awesome and I'm so glad I visited. (Wait until you see the pics of DebbieO's stash. You're going to plotz.)

Monday morning, my boss returned (she and I have the same birthday) and left me... a cake!

And I was greeted with a dozen long stem pink roses that were arranged my employee Arthur. How beautiful are these?

(On Friday, they are still in beautiful shape and I haven't even changed the water once! Only one of the roses started to sag in the 5 days, pretty awesome job he did.)

The rest of our Finance team got together and got my boss two cakes for her birthday, so since I already had my embarrassment on Friday, it was her turn on Monday!

There was soooo much cake!

On Thursday at Bobaknit, Abigail surprised me with an awesome arrangement of gifts. I got a Peet's gift card (omg I looooove Peet's! yay for Peet's!) and a cat mug (that I wanted, I'm so excited I have this!) and a Della Q sack that I can use for socks!

Besides all the goodies and cakes and flowers, there were also lots of birthday greetings given. So all in all, an awesome birthday was had. I know it's definitely been a few years since I can remember having this excellent a birthday, and I have to say thanks for the cheer that was spread. I love love love birthdays and celebrating them so it is a real treat for me to be the recipient of a really great one.


hakucho said...

Oh, my goodness I would say you had an incredibly awesome birthday :) Makes becoming a year older a little easier ;)

Happy belated birthday!!

Lisa said...

I am so glad that you had a super birthday. I knwo all about turning 36, I am looking down the barrel of 37 in December.

Abigail said...

That sampler cake is awesome! What a genius idea. :)

I'm glad you like the mug. I stood in front of the mugs in Purlescence for a long time trying to figure out which one to get.

smariek said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!! Wow, it sounds wonderful to have a week long celebration of your special day. And that sampler cake looks great; I've never seen anything like that before, but a good idea.