Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Raviversary to me!

Woot. Today is one year since I got my invite into the awesomeness that is Ravelry. Yeah, I might spend a little too much time there instead of knitting or whatever thing I am trying to avoid *koff*, but it's still an amazing place, I'm glad I hopped on the bandwagon when I did.

This pic was left as a comment on my myspace page by the OCK's hubby. I think he's jealous of how much attention we give to Ravelry and all that is Ravelry, what do you think?


smariek said...

Happy Anniversary!

I have no idea when I joined Ravelry, it was sometime last year. Computer time always competes with knitting time, it's so hard to find a good balance.

hakucho said...

Cutest picture :)