Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So this post is going to be entirely text since I am blogging from work. (Oh yes, I am being a naughty consultant but I need a break from the Statement of Cash Flows that I have been working on this week. Ugh.)

I am SO in love with these Whiskers and Paw Prints socks. I am over halfway done with turning the heel, so shortly I will be on my way up the leg and on to my second picot cuff. (Very pretty result, the picot cuff. Very foreign as well to knitting a stockinette cuff, I feel so odd not ribbing something!) The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is very yummy to touch. It's nice to knit with except that the Northern Lights colorway is VERY hard to work with at times. It has several different colors in it, from a very bright fuscia, a cherryish color (looks like the fuscia blended with the darkest shade in the yarn), a darkish violet, a bright green, a not as bright green (also blended with the darkest shade) and the difficult color black. I've had to knit at times with a reasonably bright light around because it can be hard to see the stitches with such dark yarn. A bit of pooling too going on but I think with the pattern going on it's enough to balance the pooling. I am fairly certain that I will knit these socks again, though next time I will be sure and use a brighter varigated yarn if not a solid color yarn. I knew going into this that the color might be a bit dark for the pattern, but the darkness still doesn't take away from the beauty of the sock.

Anyways, I ought to have these socks finished by the weekend. I have ignored all other knitting projects (including a goofy felted pillow thing I was going to knit for a friend, I even bought the yarn!) but that may change since I still need to knit this guitar dishcloth for the squirrel cloth recipient's brother. But dishcloths are cake and only take a couple of hours so I'll have no problem finishing by Monday! I'm thinking the yarn that I bought for the pillow will end up being felted as something else at this point. I'm not sure I want to knit that whole pillow thing anyways. I started knitting a swatch so that I could see if it would felt into a 4"x4" square but that hasn't been finished knitting yet so I think I'm going to abandon it. I think I will just frog it and figure out what kind of felted bag I will make with the yarn instead.

That's all for now since it is time to get back to work~!

Edit: Oh yeah, I was going to mention that the smocked cloth is en route to my mom in Florida as of yesterday. I tossed it in her Christmas package as I was stuffing in the packing peanuts. I think she will like it, it was a very pretty cloth. Perhaps one of these days I will take the time to actually knit myself a dishcloth I won't send packing off to someone else!!

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