Sunday, December 24, 2006

Obsession is totally worth it

I know I've already said it, but wow, these socks are gorgeous. I finished them Saturday morning and I am so loving them. First up, a shot of the detail on the foot. This is a good shot because you can see both the "whisker" detail as well as the lace detail that is for the paw prints.

Next up: the picot cuff detail. While the top down version makes this part a real cinch where you don't have to sew, but I didn't mind it at all since I am so pleased with the result:
Finally, here is the full view of the socks in all their loveliness. Pattern again is the Whiskers and Paw Prints sock by the Keyboard Biologist. Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in the Northern Lights colorway.

Simply exquisite. I am so pleased with my first non-stockinette sock pattern. I will likely knit this pattern again because I am such a cat lover and I just really really like the pattern details. The CTH yarn is very nice stuff. It's superwash so it shouldn't felt, though I will probably still hand wash it. I worked wayyy too hard on these socks to take a risk that anything will happen to them!

One more addition to the sock yarn stash before I go. I bought some Yarn Pirate sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe this week. The gal who runs this online site is really neat. She shipped out amazingly fast (I think I bought this stuff on Wednesday and I got it in the mail on Saturday!) and she also handwrote a note that she included in my box. Plus, the yarn is gorgeous!! Please, admire:

Nice stuff. The colorway on the left is Paris and the one on the right is Wildflower. Both are really beautiful and I am looking so forward to knitting with them. The sock on the left is likely to become a pair of socks for my mother in law (we're supposed to be going to Paris in early 2007). Not sure what the yarn on the right will become, likely a lovely pair of socks! Yarr!

In case I don't post again before the holiday, Merry Christmas, my dear internets. :)

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DaFawnz said...

Yay! The socks came out totally cute. The yarn looks like it made diagonal stripes, it looks totally cool, nice job. The yarn looks spiffy too. You're going to paris!?