Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lazy Update

Ok, this is the quick and dirty updating post, I have been busy for a few days and haven't had time to take pics of my new yarn acquisitions so I found some photos of what I got. (I love the internet!)

First up we have a photo of the first sock yarn from my sock yarn of the month club from Posh Yarns in the UK. This is their Lucia sock yarn, which is 30% cashmere and 70% merino. Yum. The colorway is Twinkle. Very nice stuff, I am looking forward to having socks with cashmere! What a nice way to start off my week with this package:

Also on Monday, I headed over to Knitting Arts in Saratoga and I was shopping for some worsted weight yarn to make a pair of the Fetching fingerless gloves for a friend's daughter. I found what I wanted (it's 50% merino/50% acrylic I think, I'll post a pic of it too later...) and then with the 20% sale going on I couldn't help myself and I ended up getting more Lorna's Laces Sheperd sock in the Sweetie colorway (I loved the name, I am weak for cute things):

Mmm. So much sock yarn, so little time.

I am making good progress on my YP Paris Whiskers and Paw Prints sock. My mother-in-law's birthday has already come and gone, but I will get it to her as soon as I can. Although it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that if I am going to knit something for my niece's new baby, I need to get hopping as she just told me this week that she is being induced on February first!! (well, other than the Fran's Baby Sweater I finally finished.. that's on the slate to be photographed as well..) I bought some boy colored Cotton Tots ages ago to turn into some baby gear for her, I will have to bust it out and get going. I think it's time for more 5 hour baby sweater goodness, I am going to try a variation on it, someone changed the lacy panel part to be solid so that it is more boyish than the original.

Real pics will come later, I swear... hopefully of a new hamster too, we will probably get a new one this Friday after work. Likely a teddy bear hamster this time, we liked the Rocket's Syrian reddish color but we missed Hammy's fluffiness. We had seen a black/white teddy bear hamster when we got Rocket that we were interested, but when we went back it had been removed from the cage because it had wet tail. So maybe a black/white teddy bear hamster will be purchased! We're also talking about getting a Roborvoski (I think that's how you spell it) hamster, they are so deliciously cute and tiny (they are a dwarf variety).

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DaFawnz said...

yay Russian dwarf hamsters SOOO cute, one of my old Cal friends has several of them, their bodies were SO tiny. Cute cute. Yippie for yarn. I like the colors of that Lorna's yummy. Let's dye this weekend. I have a ctmh booking at 11 after that I'm free.... the dye is burning a hole in my pocket?