Friday, January 12, 2007

New Hamsters!

So our home is no longer without hamsters! We went out last night and got TWO new hamsters! The one pictured here is the long haired Syrian. She is similar in color to Rocket with long hair like Hammy. Very cute. Our second hamster is a Roborovski hamster. She is pure trouble! We were trying to put her in her cage and she exploded out of the box/hands/desk and wound up on the floor! We spent ~45 minutes trying to catch her and eventually found her under a bookcase and got her into a cup and back into captivity.

More pics later, possibly a film of the Robo since she's so fast, I don't quite know how otherwise I'll get a pic of her!!

1 comment:

DaFawnz said...

Hooray for new hamsters. I can just imagine you both crawling around the computer room while the tiny robo hides among the plethora of plush. Watching you two squeeze under desks and behind book cases...