Friday, March 09, 2007

Finished Object Friday!

I have the best of intentions to update during the week, but life just keeps on interrupting!! My mother-in-law and her Paris socks were the cause of interruption this week, we had to tidy the house up for her to stay one night before she returned to Oregon after attending her friend's funeral. (Her friend was diagnosed with stage 4 large cell lung cancer on March 8th, 2006 and died on February 28, 2007. Her funeral was one year after her diagnosis on March 8, 2007. She held on long enough to get to meet her 2 new granddaughters and have a couple of months with them.) So now my mother-in-law has returned to Oregon and I have some finished objects to show!

As the OCK so kindly pointed out in her most recent post, I have neglected to show off my stitch markers I busted out after day 1 of Stitches. I bought a sack of mixed beads at the booth of the woman that sold some really wonderful bits for necklaces. Except I didn't pick the awesomely cool bag that I found and ultimately gave up to the OCK. But still, I love what I did get.

I am pleased with them, although I may re-design them to incorporate some different pins. I only have t-pins right now so I don't have the ability to do the additional danglies on mine. I need to curl some of my ends a little better too I think but I have used the purple cat marker and was quite pleased with it. The rings that they are on are smallish but I know now that they fit at least up to a size 7 needle because that is what I strung them on to take these pictures. Which is good since I knit my dishcloths on size 7 needles. Hooray.

What did I use my purple cat marker on? Why I used them on my lovely Monkey socks!! I love how these came out. Man is this Lorna's Laces colorway BRIGHT. Still, they are fabulously comfortable and I loved wearing them to work today. They are the same length, I swear. They just slid down a little and I didn't realize it before hubby took the photo.

Hubby's close up photo was totally blurred, so I took one myself!

Hubby didn't quite get the angle on the heels that I was looking for but you can mostly see the neat striping it did on the heels. I wish it worked like this on the whole foot but I don't mind the pooling.
So basically I used the lace chart that Cookie wrote and flipped it over (so the pattern is the same direction as the original version) to make it toe-up using my basic recipe guidelines and with a short row heel.

Another finished object that I have is my beginning of March knit along dishcloth. This pattern is from the same site that I got the pattern for the squirrel cloth from. It is a grandma's favorite dishcloth and I used Peaches 'n Creme in the Gumdrops colorway. I wet this to block it and it's not dry in the photo so it's a bit hard to see. I may try to retake these pics after it dries to see if it photographs better than it is now!!

I may also try taking a photo without flash, though those pics tend to be very blurry with this camera.
I don't normally knit the image dishcloths in ombre yarns but I didn't really like the solid colors I had to choose from when I picked this yarn up on the go last weekend when I wanted something to knit at the last minute over at the OCK's house. The yarn is perfect though if you ask me for this cloth since I think the colors are very Eastery and it does look very cute with the bunny.

Finally now I have photos of my only project I have OTN. This is the Forest Canopy Shawl pattern that I am making out of the Seacoast Handpainted yarn I got at the Full Thread Ahead booth at Stitches. The colorway name is Glacier. I am knitting it on my size 4 KnitPicks Options circular needles (which I do love, yum).

I took a close up photo of one of the repeats because it is hard to see in the big photo.

It's still not too terribly clear here but it's not blocked so I wouldn't expect it to be since it isn't blocked yet.

The pattern is a fairly simple lace pattern and I really like how it looks. I think I like the geometry of the diamonds and how nicely the repeats are framed by the yarn overs. I am excited to be knitting my first shawl. I think it will turn out very nice. I really love the colors in this yarn and can't wait for it to be done! I feel all growed up making a shawl, it's amusing. Not too bad for only having resumed knitting last fall!


hakucho said...

Your stitch markers are really cute. That's something I should try to do. Just add it to my to-do list I suppose. (never enough time :( )

Your socks are did a great job. Pooling matches great. You never know what you will end up with. Yay :)

Love the shawl...pattern, colors just beautiful.
You certainly have been busy :)

happy knitting :)

DaFawnz said...

The Monkey socks turned out awesome!! Great jobs. You stitch markers are cute the way they are, but if you are looking for pins walmart carries a bag of mixed pins, t's and loops for cheap. And the shawl. It looks great. I love the colors.

Monika said...

I made socks with Lorna's Laces Shepherd yarn one. I hated the pooling but LOVE how they feel on my feet!