Monday, March 05, 2007

Stitches Yarn Pr0n Monday, Vol 2!

Alright, I completely spazzed out this week and didn't finish my dissertation on my Stitches retail consumption. So here's the final pics of my haul.

First up, Lisa Souza sock yarn in Emerald City(left) and South Pacific (right):

I couldn't pick between these two yarns so I bought them both. One will become socks (probably the Emerald City) and one will become a shawl. These are both from their Sock! Merino line, I picked these over just their Sock! yarn because I think it was slightly softer (100% merino wool vs 75% Merino/25% Nylon) and there was a considerable amount more yardage (560 yds vs 450 yds) for the same price. Nice colors in their yarns, I hadn't seen their yarn before this but consider me a fan!

Next up is yarn from a clearance booth called Newtons Yarn Country. They had a ton of yarn of all different varieties for good prices. I got a couple of things from them that were really nice. First up, I got a wool/acrylic/rayon blend (160 yds per hank) that is a mixture of lavender/pink colors. It is very pretty stuff:

Next up is a rayon ribbon that is 100% viscose rayon (again 160 yds). This one is a mixture of rose/green/brown colors:

The OCK and I went in together on some rayon thread, she got the black and I got purple. We plan on using these to do beaded bag projects (like ones we saw at the show):

Very nice stuff, very reasonable prices. The yarns are destined to become scarves of some sort, I haven't quite picked out the patterns yet but that will come in time!

Next up, Seacoast Handpainted sock yarn from the Full Thread Ahead booth. This stuff is beautiful. I actually have balled the yarn and it is being turned into a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I think it is turning out very pretty from the little bit I have started now, but I am just getting started on it.

The colors are very beautiful in this yarn. It does seem that the color changes are very short, so if I were knitting this yarn up to be a sock, I have a feeling it might be a pooling yarn but with the shawl I think it will be alright. There may actually not be a pooling tendency with this yarn even though the color lengths are short as there are quite a few colors that transition through the yarn.

From the Shelridge Farm booth is their 3 ply fingering weight yarn, 100% superwash wool. These skeins have 175 yds and it is just gorgeous to touch. Mmm. The OCK says that the color of the skeins I bought remind her of Wonka bars... I could see myself buying more of this yarn.

I managed to make it out of the A Star Alpacas booth without any alpaca yarn, but I didn't escape yarnless. This is 700 yds of 50% silk/50% merino yarn. The silk makes the yarn shine beautifully and it is sooo luxurious to touch. It is a handpainted mixture of rose, taupe and turqouise colors. I think this is also going to become a shawl, although with 700 yds I could maybe do a scarf and socks. I will have to see what it inspires me to become!

My final image from Stitches is my purchase from the Tess Designer Yarns booth. So, yes, there were booths that had yards and yards of the finest alpaca yarns you could want. Yes there was some yarn made from ox hairs that was to die for. There was angora too. But then, there was Tess Designer Yarns. Holy man. That booth so needs to fill up a bathtub with their yarn and sell 15 minute slots of time where you can roll around naked in their yarn. They have the most beautiful yarn colors and their different yarns are all so so very nice. I escaped with two skeins of yarn in the same colorways, I got a skein of their Super Socks & Baby yarn (80% wool/20% nylon, 450 yds) and a skein of their Microfiber Ribbon yarn (100% nylon microfiber, 333 yds). These will be socks and a scarf:

It was extremely difficult to escape from their booth without more yarn. I think we groped their yarn several times over our two day visit to stitches and I finally bought this later in the day on Sunday. I am glad I didn't walk away empty handed from their booth, it was far too nice to pass up.

That is it for my yarn purchases! I did sneak out with some other goodies, I got the Fiber Trends felted hedgehog pattern... and a felted fish pattern (I think it might also be Fiber Trends but I am too lazy to get up and look at the pattern in the other room...). I got Cookie's Twisted Flower Sock pattern... I got a bulk sack of beads that I have already turned the big beads in the bag into stitch markers... I got these darling lacquer miniatures that are on a big pin that I can pin on my shawls that I will make in the future:

I got these from the booth that sells that ox yarn that is just to die for. I got some 4" Addi needles that will be great for glove finger/mitten thumb knitting... I didn't get the size 0000 needles that the OCK got but I will probably have to change that in the future since that is what I will need to knit the rayon thread into a beaded bag.

I had such a great time at Stitches. It was my first major event since I returned to knitting and it was a lot of fun. Not that I didn't already have enough sock yarn to make at least two pairs of socks for the entire Duggar family... now I have enough for 3 pairs of socks for everyone in the family! (Well... not quite, but it is getting close I think...) (And that whole "sock yarn doesn't count as stash" spiel to knit from your stash? That so does not fly in the world of Teenuh. I need to not buy any more sock yarn, on a yarn diet I'd have to ration myself to buying non-sock yarns to make something else!!) Best of all, it was two days with my favorite friend so how can I complain?!

There will be some FO's to post soon. I have finished my Monkey socks (I kni I am nearly done with my beginning of March dishcloth KAL.. I also will have my first photos of my shawl just to prove to the OCK that I really was serious about turning the sock yarn into a shawl! And I really need to take a look at my yarns that I have now and decide what I want to make into a branching out scarf because I am completely in love with this pattern!!


hakucho said...

I am literally drooling over all your yarn purchase and more :)

Happy knitting :)

DaFawnz said...

Yarn diet! What!!? Are you turning on me? Now I'm suspicious. I still can't wait to see how that March KAL turned out.