Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Weekend Away

It has been a busy couple of days in the wonderful world of Teenuh! There was the Scrapbook Expo trip last weekend (Friday to Sunday). While the show was over by Saturday, we just went on Friday and then shopped/scrapped the rest of the weekend. It was tons of fun, I am very happy that I went.

I'm not a scrapbooker (although I think I may become one since I have so much paper), but I was originally planning on taking some card projects but I was tired from working extra hours at my client (to minimize the PTO I would have to use to be able to take Friday off) that I couldn't think straight, so in the end I decided to take nothing except knitting! I bought a few things at the expo and a few things at the craft store we visited so I wasn't empty handed for paper activities but it didn't occupy much of my time.

I started my next sock while I was there. I am using my Posh Yarn from the March club shipment (March Hare) and I am using the Elfine's Leaf-Lace Socks pattern for them. I am loving how they are looking, it is the same leaf pattern that is in my favorite lace dishcloth pattern. Here I am in the room we crafted in in our hotel in Livermore modeling my early progress on the sock:

I am nearly to the point of turning the heel on these socks now. I am going to make the foot a little shorter than I usually do because the sock is a little on the wide size. I am sure it will fit my calf perfectly with the wider leg. What I probably ought to do is frog the entire thing and knit these socks on size 2 needles (I'm using 3's now) but I don't really want to frog them just yet... I think I will wait to see how the foot fits with the heel done. I am SO IN LOVE with the Posh Yarn. This is the first socks I have knit (of the 3 months of yarn I have gotten) and oh man is this stuff nice. I keep feeling the fabric up as I knit them loving how soft they are.

I also worked on my Forest Canopy shawl this weekend. I didn't make a whole lot of progress inch wise because it is getting really broad (oh the fun I have ahead of me!) but it is now a pretty decent amount larger than it was in my March 9th photo. I haven't taken any progress shots of it but I will get to it soon.

Over all, it was a terribly fun weekend and I am very glad that I decided to go. Besides the ladies I went with being really fun, I got a whole weekend with the OCK. I think this photo shows how happy we were to be away for the weekend!


hakucho said...

I love that dishcloth...oh no, another one for my to do list...very pretty pattern. It will make nice socks too :)

happy knitting :)

DaFawnz said...

Yea, weekend photos, yippee for fun. I had a good time too. The posh yarn really does feel super good. Should've made gloves (or a face warmer) to enjoy it's wonderful softness more...

Sarah Hall said...

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