Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am a bad blogger

So I have no idea where the past few weeks have gone to and why time is slipping away so quickly. I guess I have just been enjoying myself so much that I forget to get around to actually blogging what I have been up to!

On Saturday the 5th, I got the delightful opportunity to spend the day with my bestest friend the OCK. It was fun to go pick up the spinning wheel she was buying from a woman off of Craig's List. I could totally picture myself being this crazy woman that bought this totally beautiful and expensive wheel and then spent tons of money on fiber that I would spin a few yards of before putting it all away again (although, I would most certainly buy better fiber than this lady did. I thought I hated the Regia wool but I think this fiber passed that stuff up, though I think it is a close contest..)

At any rate, after we got the wheel we decided to go check out Nine Rubies in San Mateo. I had heard of it before but I rarely head up the Peninsula past Redwood City so we took the opportunity to check it out. Sadly we were able to get only a 20 minute parking space so we were playing beat the clock in the shop before our meter expired, but it was a lovely 20 minutes. I found some Cascade Fixation that I really liked the color of (I've coveted getting some of this since I saw it at Stitches) but there was only one in the basket! The owner did a search in their database and confirmed it, so I was left with buying some Panda Cotton yarn in the Strawberry-Lime colorway. I had just gotten the Baby Blues color from the Loopy Ewe but I loved the Strawberry-Lime color so much I gave up and bought the second color. (Because I am running so low on sock yarn...) The total reward for this pit stop for yarn was the bag. (dude, I could so totally order a package of them!!) Oh man, I am so in love with it. I feel like Gollum with it. (Precious.. my precious..)

We fled out the door of the store and headed on down the Peninsula and made it into
Purlescence Yarns. There was a sale on fiber so we couldn't pass it up. I got a nice thing of a merino/silk blend (it's got some other word but I'm a fiber noob so I don't remember what it is off the top of my head) and a drop spindle. Yes, I do realize a paragraph ago I was saying what a crazy fiber lady I could become but I'm a sucker for sales and drop spindles amuse me watching others use them, hopefully I will find amusement in spinning one myself (and I totally blame Kristi for getting the spindle. She totally dissed the CD spindle so I spring for the Louet one and what does she do? Goes to Calistoga and uses her CD drop spindle. I feel so bamboozled!) Oh and some Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in the Sharks colorway.

Anyways, from there we hit up
The Yarn Place because they were having a sale too. I didn't get too much, mainly some worsted weight wool for a scarf I was trying to knit out of fingering weight (worsted weight is sooo much better for this pattern!). I eventually remembered why it felt wrong that we went from San Mateo to Sunnyvale, I had forgotten I wanted to spin by The Knitters Studio for a trunk show that was going on. I escaped with no yarn, only to be defeated again at Full Thread Ahead. I got some more HandMaiden Sea Silk and some of the Fleece Artist Sea Wool.

I so totally need to upload pics of all this stuff but it is late and I am tired so it will have to wait!


Cindy said...

You may be a bad blogger ;)
but you sound as if you are a good yarn collector!

Teenuh said...

I am an awesome yarn collector!!

hakucho said...

You must have been pictures of YARN :(

DaFawnz said...

Bad blogger, no yarn for you! Man we should TOTALLY order a case of those plastic bags.... precious, so precious.... I had lots of fun with you too. You can come and spin with me... I am sure I could spare some fiber from somewhere in my stash.