Friday, May 18, 2007

Serious Yarn Pr0n Friday Action

Baw chicka baw baw~! Oh yeah baby, we got yarn.

First up, the Nine Rubies yarn! Again, this is Panda Cotton in Strawberry-Lime:

The Purlescence haul included Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in the Sharks colorway:

And Chasing Rainbows Dye Works fiber (50% merino/50% bombex) in the colorway Heather (I think that's the color name!) and a Louet drop spindle:

And finally there is the Full Thread Ahead haul:

From top to bottom, Hand Maiden Seas Silk in the colorway Melons, Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the colorway Fruit punch and Cascade Fixation in colorway 9989 Hyacinth.

I totally haven't blogged my trip to Calistoga with the BobaKnit ladies but there was some yarn acquired there too. (Dude, I'm not into wine. I had to feed my consumeristic nature some way!)

So the first yarn "shop" we went to was Calistoga Yarns. I'm using the quotes because, well, the "shop" was where the laundry room is off the garage in normal houses. A well seasoned woman runs the place and it was interesting to say the least. She was sweet as anything, but a lot of her yarn was either really old (some was older than the 3 of us that went there) or it was really icky yarn. Although there were some new yarns, several kinds of Colinette Yarn and stuff like Trekking. I picked up this nice, soft Cascade Fiesta Boomerang yarn in the colorway Caribbean:

On the way back to the Bay Area, we stopped at Muse in St. Helena. This was a very lovely store that was next to a coffee shop so it smelled yummy. I got some more Colinette Jitterbug yarn in the colorway Mardi Gras as well as some Lang Jawoll Jaquard in colorway 82.0158.

I got some On Line Supersocke 100 in color 788 Raspberry at Muse as well:

A very nice stop to make on the way home after a great weekend.

I also received an order today that I placed on Wednesday with Simply Socks. This is Opal Petticoat in colorway 1298, Lana Grossa Megaboots Stretch in colorway 704 and Cascade Fixation in colorway 9342 (I had seen this color at both Nine Rubies in San Mateo and at Muse in St Helena, both stores had exactly ONE ball of this color. I was determined to have it!!)

And finally there was my May shipment from my Posh Yarn sock club. This is out of their Emily yarn (80% lambswool, 10% cashmere, 10% angora) because they were having trouble with getting their supplier to send the yarn to them! The colorway is called May Day:

And that concludes my tour of my ever increasing stash of sock yarn. If you will excuse me, I need to go roll around nakey in some sock yarn. I'm telling you, it really is a wonderful world of Teenuh!!