Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Knitting Posts IN A ROW

So this is a first in quite some time. I have two whole posts in a row that are knitting only with no yarn buying involved! (I didn't even have any stealth cotton dishcloth yarn purchasing going on in the background. I so don't blog my Sugar 'n Cream or Peaches 'n Creme purchases. Y'all would so seriously think I am nuts.)

Anyhoo, I have finished the first sock out of the OnLine Yarn I purchased at Muse in St Helena on the Calistoga Boba retreat weekend. I had such fun knitting this and it totally flew off the needles. I cast on the sock before work on Thursday morning (yeah, so I'm not exactly the crack of dawn employee type..) and then Thursday afternoon we had a department outing to play bocce ball in Los Gatos at Campo di Bocce so while I was waiting for it to be my turn, I knit! I was just knitting in the round with no stitch pattern whatsoever so I flew through the sock. I was just a couple of rows away from turning the heel by the end of the day (I also knit through cocktails before dinner!). I started the heel during my brief appearance at BobaKnit that night and then I finished turning the heel before bed after I had dessert with friends at Flames. I started the feather and fan late on Friday and by the end of a couple of hours of knitting on Saturday, I finished the sock! Here's the result of my endeavors:

I used my basic sock recipe for the foot and heel and then for the leg I used Wendy's write up of the Feather and Fan pattern to get the chart and increases into my sock. I am so thrilled with the pattern as well as the yarn colors.

Since I had so much fun with sock #1, I cast on #2 at Boba on Sunday afternoon (I finished my sewn bind off first there). I tried my best to cast on in the same spot as I did with sock #1. And I'll be damned if I didn't do just that:

It's not exact but it's pretty damn close. I've finished turning the heel and I've done a couple repeats of the feather and fan pattern. I really love this pattern, I'm sure it's one I'll be doing again in the future.

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DaFawnz said...

Wow, your fastest socks ever!! Sweet, they are very cute too. Amazing how nice that very simple shale pattern is isn't it?