Monday, October 01, 2007

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Dudes. Where the hell did September go?! I am simply gobsmacked that it is October 1st. Still working tons. So much to do, not enough time to do it in. Ah well, at least the network at work will be shut down at 5pm on Thursday for our move. Yippee. I got to go to the TKGA show yesterday with the OCK. Her mom and my mother-in-law went along as well. We had a good time. It's a small show, it's got nothing on Stitches, but it was fun nevertheless. If you can believe it, I got more laceweight yarn than sock yarn! I'm branching out. *nods* At any rate, here's my booty from TKGA:

Schaefer Andrea in the colorway Mary Breckenridge (purchased from the Adela's Yarns booth):

Terilyn Needleart Zephyr Wool-Silk Laceweight in Violet:

Village Spinning & Weaving Spun Silk, colorway unnamed but very lovely:

A scarf kit with Interlacements New York ribbon yarn in colorway 113P:

And, Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in colorway 1820 Dusk:

I primarily got the Schaefer Andrea yarn because they had a sample of the Beaded Diamond Shawl on display in their booth and it was gorgeous. I couldn't resist getting a copy of it with the yarn. I think this is ooching very quickly to the top of my "to cast on" pile. Also towards the top of the heap is the beaded scarf. The shiny beads are gonna suck me in I think. If this first one goes well, I think I might get some more pre-strung beads and make another beaded scarf out of my Tess Designer Yarns ribbon yarn. The woman who sold me (and the OCK, we both got kits hah) the kit said that the Tess yarn was too rigid for the beads to slip on, but last night when she got home the OCK gave it a whirl and disproved our friendly booth vendor. I have some purple beads that I bought recently that I could possibly use for the shawl. Not sure I have enough as I only bought one tube of them, but I could go back to the store I picked them up in and grab another tube. It would be nice to give those beads a purpose, they are very pretty.

At any rate, it's late and I need to get to sleep!!


DaFawnz said...

It is funny, looking at them together how similar your Andrea and Village Spinning skeins are! I'm thinking, you must like that color (well, I do too!). I hope the Andrea beading goes better than my own Interlacements beading has gone. Now I'm going to have to string some on Tess just to find out how well it works or if you need bigger beads. Btw, why didn't I buy any of that Alpaca Sox??? DUH!

JillyB said...

I am so with you on it being October already! Crazy! Your yarn is just gorgeous, that shawl will be really pretty.

Felicia said...

September is gone gone and October orange is finally here! Love all your pretty yarns.