Friday, October 05, 2007

Fetching, the second

So on Tuesday night, when I was leaving work one of my staff inspired me to help her cold hands. The AC at the office is particularly miserable on most days, so we're often using space heaters year round. But when she was shivering at her desk, I was inspired to give her some warm hands. So I went home and knit her a pair of Fetching gloves!

I really love this pattern. I know I said it last time I made them, but it is really simple and I love how easy it is to do the cabling.

She really loved the gloves and the timing worked out perfectly as her birthday is coming up on the 10th.

Before I left for the night, I convinced her to let me take a picture of her wearing them. She was shy at first:

But then she relented and let me take a nice picture of her:

Saylor and Xi Xi say, "Aww, c'mon. We're cuter than she is!!"


Bashirs Momma said...

Those are great! I googled Fetching, and found your blog... I have been putting Fetching on my list to do for months and months now... nice! I have a whole stash of Kathmandu Dk waiting to be used... Nice blog!

DaFawnz said...

I realized that for the first time in ages we went out and managed not to buy any yarn! Woo! That was fun yesterday, thanks for coming out to play. Those glovies look totally cute! Love the color!

hakucho said...

That was such a nice thing to do...your co-worker looks great in her new fingerless gloves. I'm glad she let you take her picture. That was nice :) I hate AC when it's too cold...there is nothing worse.

That is one long kitty there all stretch out. Very long :)

Nadine said...

How sweet of you! I wish I had coworkers like you :)

And the cats are ADORABLE!! I also love your patchwork bedlinen. Gorgeous.