Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slow Poke Blogging

Work has still been completely kicking my ass. I am dying to cut back my workdays but wow, so much to get done before that can happen. Although, I think I am finally over the hump so I'm hoping it will slow down in the next week.

I've somehow managed to finish a couple of projects, although it has taken me over a week to sit down at my computer and upload the stupid photos.

I finished my Koigu Monkey socks:

The yarn is beautiful and very nice to knit with, a lovely treat for the feet.

I know the yarn isn't as durable as some yarns, but I'm fine with however long these last me. I'll enjoy wearing them. The skeins are really small though. I knit these socks on size 2 needles and they are super stretchy and the leg is a little longer than I typically make them, but damn if I didn't use all my yarn. As in, I had maybe 24 inches of yarn left over. I had to use some of the remnant of the first sock to finish the second sock and I didn't even finish the cuff in quite the same way (I had made the first sock 6 rows of garter stitch and the second sock was only 3 rows of purls). But I was out of yarn! I had no choice! They look the same from afar, and I'd be shocked if anyone ever noticed while I was wearing them that the cuffs were slightly different. Although if anyone would, it would be the OCK. Stripey freak that she is!!

I also finished a dishcloth for my hubby's birthday. I was a little late getting it to him, but he likes it, lateness and all:

I started on my own bag of lies scarf, though mine isn't so much a bag of yardage lies as it is a bag of tangles. I spent multiple days unsnarling my ribbon yarn and then after measuring it so that I could get the yarn mostly divided in half, it proceeded to tangle itself up again. Though thankfully less tangled, I only spent a couple more hours unsnarling it before the bead transferring began. Which, again, there were tangles involved as my bead strands, despite my careful treatment of them, somehow got crossed so that I couldn't safely get even one strand away from the clump of other strands without losing half the string of beads. I had thought I got half of the beads, but it doesn't look to me like I'm going to finish the first half of the scarf without having to cut the yarn and add more beads. But no worries, I'm enchanted with the sparkles and I know in the end I'll be happy with the finished project. And there is definitely no chance in hell that I'll go into mass production of this kind of scarf. Ugh!

At any rate, it is late and my ass is kicked after a long work week so far and another fun night of Bunco. I think I'll definitely have sheepy dreams tonight!


DaFawnz said...

Baaa!! I resemble that remark! The socks look awesome, I'll keep your imperfect secret! Oh, and DOWN with the Bag of Lies!!!

Abigail said...

That costume is hilarious!

hakucho said...

Your monkey socks are beautiful! The way you have them pictured there they looks so soft and comfy. Oh, what a joy they must be to wear. Enjoy :)