Thursday, October 04, 2007


So I am totally on a beautiful yarn high right now! A couple of months ago, the OCK and I decided that we would order some of the SockPixie yarn. I was totally in love with Jill's yarn that she was using one night at Bobaknit and I had decided to buy some for myself. I ordered the La Vie En Rose colorway along with her new colorway Ladybug. The socks that were posted on the site were totally cute in the Ladybug colorway so I got it. The OCK wanted the Poppies and the Stormy Seas colorways. When the order came, the La Vie En Rose and Stormy Seas were beautiful, but I was really not happy with the reds in the Ladybug and Poppies yarn. I was so heartbroken. I took time to think about contacting the dyer, it was so hard on me to write her because I know that hand dyed yarn is different with every run, but it just made my heart ache because the colorway was just not anything near what I had expected to receive. But now? Oh man, I TOTALLY have what I wanted. Feast your eyes on this:

Not this:

Look at this red!!!

So. very. happy.

The OCK's replacement yarn turned out beautiful as well:

I am so happy this is finally resolved!

The Saylor says, "I'm happy too. Now stop all that ruckus and let me get some sleep already!"

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Juls said...

so glad you got the "right" red...I love the new colors they sent.