Monday, February 04, 2008

Awesome Present!

Today I finally received my final piece of my Christmas present from my niece and my sister. I am so completely excited by this basket! It is kind of silly how much I am loving it, but dudes, it is awesome.

They even bought me the top with my name embroidered on it.

I am so bringing this to Stitches!

The only thing is, they shipped the basket lid and the basket separately. The basket has been backordered since December and it finally shipped this month. And I totally got the lid before the basket. Though I did wonder what the hell kind of basket the lid went to!

They ordered it for me from the site Garnet Hill, here is the direct link to the basket. It doesn't say so on that site, but it is a reisenthel carrybag. (omg I was just looking at their site, I so want a carrycruiser now! Oh who am I kidding, I want like one of all of their baskets.)


Abigail said...

Those baskets are awesome, and to have one with your name is super awesome!

(I want everything on their site too.)

hakucho said...

What a fabulous present you got! I love the cover for the basket. Will keep your knitting nice and safe and clean. Enjoy :)