Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 1

Dudes. What fun I had tonight! I am so glad that I went today! I had a supah fun time last year when it was just me and the OCK. But this year? It was SO MUCH FUN to run into Bobaknitters as well as other knitters I've met at places like Purlescence Yarns or Full Thread Ahead.

And it was such a treat to get to run into wine-plied Kristi throughout the night. I knew I missed her bunches but it really hit me whenever I saw her and realized that we weren't just chatting over GTalk, she was really standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Tee hee.

But the highlight of the evening was getting to walk around with the pretty princess herself, the OCK! This shawl is pretty in the photos but it's got NOTHING on seeing it in person. I heard multiple people gasping when she went by with it on, and it was pretty hilarious to see how big people's eyes got when they were looking at it trying to figure out how she had dyed the yarn to get it to line up so perfectly. And how enlightened they looked when she told them that it was handpainted after it was knit up.

As far as purchases go, I managed to escape with NO YARN PURCHASED. That's not to say I went home empty handed, but I left with only two free samples of yarn, Malabrigo Lace
(DUDES.. FREE MALABRIGO LACE YARN. HOLY BEJABBERS.) and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. You know that I so am going to hit those booths up again! I did buy a couple of things, mainly Ravelry swag (I have a Bob pin! Yippee!) and The Knitters Block from from The Article Pract booth.

Fun day. And it's only just begun! Tomorrow, round 2! Woot. (And yes, there WILL be yarn!)

ETA: Oh yeah, I totally forgot. So after the Ravelry meetup had officially ended and we were all just sitting in the room waiting for it to be time for the market place to open, they brought in a parade of the teachers for Stitches classes. I was sort of half assedly working on my Clapotis, when one of the teachers ran out of line to compliment the OCK on her shawl. After the teacher had mooned properly over the shawl in all its glory, she scurried back into line. And that was when I actually SAW who it was who was complimenting the OCK... it was freaking Lily Chin! That was seriously cool!


DaFawnz said...

I can't believe you blogged after all that excitement and knowing we had to get up early the next morning... You are cracking me up. Thanks I guess for making me wear my shawl. It was good to walk in anonymity on Saturday though. Thanks for shopping with me it was SUPAH FUN!

hakucho said...

Sounds like so much fun ...can't wait to hear more. And I bet you won't come home with out yarn the next time :)

Juls said...

I can't believe you went back for Day 4! You were seriously coming down with your cold already on Day 3!!! Glad you had fun. I want to see photos of your haul :)