Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So on Sunday I managed to finish the sock I was test knitting for Fiber Fiend for a new pattern she's going to be selling at Stitches. I delivered it to her on Monday (hooray for holidays).

I love the lace pattern in this sock, it's a leafy pattern, and I am goofy for leafy lace.

My camera was hateful of the red in this sock. I don't know what the hell its problem was but I think you can get the idea of what it looks like. The yarn is much prettier than my camera wanted to show.

And for the record, this was my first top down sock I've knit. I don't know that I care for heel flaps still but I think the finished sock is lovely. And toe up socks are still #1 in my book!


Cindy/Snid said...

Very nice! Margit has been busy I see...

For the record, it's not your camera- most cameras have a hard time with red. The good news is that a lot of photo editing software can fix it pretty easily (including picnic on Flickr)

Abigail said...

Yeah, that red was gorgeous in person!

I'm with you on the toe-up socks.

hakucho said...

Your sock is lovely...very pretty lacy pattern.

happy knitting :)

DaFawnz said...

I loved that sock. You did a great job!