Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kristi doesn't owe me $5

Yeah, I've been a good girl and I have been resisting when I get my Loopy Groupie Heads Up emails. But hell, I had $5 banked and I've been good... so I was bad!

Earlier this week, I bought a skein of Scouts Swag (in the colorway Fruit Salad) from momsue84 on Ravelry (seriously, omg she has billions of skeins of sock yarn. This woman has been destashing for like 3 months? And still, she keeps posting yarn for sale!) so my "earned" yarn purchase was used up.

And then I got the heads up email and well, one thing led to another and before I knew it a skein of Loopy Legends sock yarn dyed by Zen String in the colorway Pretty Pink Cactus.

So, Kristi no longer "owes" me $5. I canceled her out!

But hey, in like, oh, 31 hours or so it will be time for Stitches. Mmm Stitches.


knittingma said...

Ooooh, that "Pink Cactus" is gorgeous! And yeah, I just had a little laugh too, because I bought some Yarn Pirate from momsue84's destash last week! Isn't she totally amazing? I can't believe how much lovely yarn she has, and how much of it she gives away, too! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

hakucho said...

You always find the prettiest sock yarn :)