Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Birthday Presents

So the ducky dishcloth here is one that I knit for my great nephew's birthday. The pattern is from Rainky Kimbrough, available here. Yarn on this one is Lion Cotton in Sunflower.

This is the second dishcloth I knit for my great nephew for his birthday. It was designed by Carol Callaway and it's available through her Yahoo group, Knitted Kitty Dishcloths. This one is knit out of Sugar 'n Cream yarn in Red.

This is a dishcloth and hand towel knit out of Lion Cotton in Poppy Red. I really liked the heart pattern on this one. It knit up easily and has a really nice look to it. The pattern for this one is available from Knitting at Knoon Designs and is called "Piece of my Heart". I knit this as a birthday present for my niece.

So I think that is the tour of my knit dishcloths for birthday presents. There is of course the palm tree cloth that I had knit for my sister, but I've already talked about that one here.

I can happily report that all of these gifts were finally sent out on Monday. My mom's answering machine busted and I had the same phone (yay for Sony b-stock sales!) that we weren't using anymore so I sent mine to her so she didn't need to buy a new phone. I tossed the lacy dishcloth in there for her and then I also boxed up my great nephew's birthday presents, my sister's dishcloth and the heart towel/dishcloth for my niece and sent that off to Atlanta. Since my mom told me that she got her box today, I would have to guess that my niece got the box in Atlanta today too. I hope I will hear tomorrow if everyone liked their presents.


DaFawnz said...

You are dishcloth knitting machine. They look great. You have gotten a good angle for taking pics so the design really comes out. Nice job!

Teenuh said...

Thanks! :) I'm liking doing the dishcloths. They're turning out pretty cute and they are so simple to bang out. (Plus the fiber cost is peanuts! haha Leaves plenty of $$ for sock yarn!)

I am having to take the pics without a flash. If I try taking them with a flash, they come out really over exposed so I just turn on an overhead light and snap away! Without the flash, the patterns seem to have enough shadows so that they're showing up!