Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh so pretty!

The dishcloth love fest continues!! I am so loving how fast and easy these cloths knit up. The yarn is inexpensive but very pretty and very useful objects come out of my efforts! So much love!

This first cloth I knit for my mom's dear friend that came out to San Jose for a wedding last week. I didn't really have a reason other than I hadn't seen her since my niece got married in 2001 and I knit so I knit for her! I am so in love with this cloth. I paid a whole $2 for the pattern, I am so going to make a million of these for gifts. Another clever knitting project, I just love how the leaves are built up each row.

Pattern is for sale at Rhonda K White's site Knitting Knonsense. The yarn is yummy Lion Cotton in Sherbert Swirl (I love the way Lion Cotton feels, it's my favorite of the three 100% cotton yarns I've used for the dishcloths).

Here's another pattern I bought, this time from Alli and Lisa over at Knitwits Heaven.

This one is a poppy cloth for veterans, but I just thought it was gorgeous the first time I saw a picture posted on my dishcloth group. This one is HUGE compared to the other cloths I've knitted. I think I'm currently out of other dishcloths that I've knit so I can't do a side by side comparison, but the next time I make one I think I'll do a side by side comparison because it's big. The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream in Red (same skein I used to make the football helmet). I ended up with maybe 2 feet of yarn left. I was getting nervous at the end when I saw the dwindling ball, but I'm glad to have used it so efficiently!

I have another cloth I've knit that is nearly done, I have a little bit more finishing work to do on it. I'll post it later this week, maybe this weekend since it's a gift for a young lady whose birthday party is coming up.

Hook 'em Horns sock #2 (even though they suffered loss #2 this past weekend :( ) is now on my needles thanks to a lengthy doctor visit this afternoon. I still need to take a pic of sock #1 but I'm so in love with this yarn. I also have it in a pink/white breast cancer colorway so there will be more lovely socks in my future! (As if there isn't with all the OTHER sock yarn I have queued up!)

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