Monday, November 27, 2006

Black Friday Booty

So like a good little American consumer, I ventured forth on Friday in 40 degree weather at 6:05AM to shop. Yes, I went out into the hell that is Black Friday. But it was in the name of fine yarns at a 30% discount, so all was good.

First stop, was Purlescence Yarns. Mmm. Look how happy I am to be shopping for yarn at 6:15AM! This store loooves to stock the sock yarn! (We love stores that stock sock yarn!) Seriously, they're brand new and haven't totally got their inventory solid yet and half their store is Cascade 220 yarns and the other half is sock yarns.

The first haul of the day is some worsted weight sock yarn (yes, how weird is that? fast socks I say!) from Cadenza. This is their colorway 70 raphael.

The next lovely sock yarn is from Lornas Laces, colorway 56 Mt Creek. I'm happy to finally have some LL, I've been hearing so many good things about it.

The final sock yarn from Purlescence is from Claudia Hand Painted yarn, colorway Peony. This stuff is yummy, I think it will feel a lot like my Hill Country Yarns socks.

So on the day before Thanksgiving, my friend Cynthia (the other person in the photo at Purlescence with me) sent me an email about how Knitting Arts in Saratoga was having an after Thanksgiving sale also. And oh, how convenient that their 30% discount window was from 6:30 to 8:30AM! We arrived at 7:30AM and continued our yarning! First up, Koigu KPM sock yarn, colorway 2120. I do already have some Koigu to knit, but that one is variegated so this time I'm going with a solid. It's similar to the Claudia Hand Painted colorway I got but that one is slightly variegated. I think I will use this to make a lacy sock (whenever I figure out what pattern that might be!).

The final sock yarn on the menu from the day is this gorgeous, rich sock yarn from JitterBug. This colorway is jay 85. I love the color of this yarn. I picked it up to look at it and just could not put it down. I may knit with this one next. I am quite enamored with it.

The final yarn purchase of the day was actually NOT sock yarn! (I know, be still DaFawnz, I bought something other than sock yarn.) This is Cascade 220 and it is for the marvelous Drake the Dreaded Dragon backpack pattern from Marnie Maclean. I ask you, how could I NOT buy that pattern?! So freaking cute. I need to get some circular needles before I start this one. I asked Santa to bring me some Knit Picks Options needles. Hopefully, they will make their way into Santa's sleigh! Anyways, I bought 4 colorways for Drake. The green is 8894, the white is 8505, the pink is 7805 and the purple (yes, that is purple. it would not photograph for me!) is 8886. Slightly different colorways than are suggested in the pattern but I think they go together really well. These are really rich colors, I think he will turn out very cute! I got half the yarn at Purlescence and the other half at Knitting Arts. Purlescence didn't have the white and I looked at the green I ultimately bought at Purlescence but I wasn't sold on the color until I saw some different options at Knitting Arts.

That is all the yarn I got for the day. We were wiped out after the shopping, but we sure enjoyed ourselves. Now I just need to stop knitting dishcloths and get back to knitting socks!! (Or Christmas presents. Perhaps those should come next...)

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DaFawnz said...

What a haul, I am sick with envy... just sick!!