Monday, November 20, 2006

I love love love these socks!!

So it really is the wonderful world of Teenuh today. I have finished my Hook 'em Horns colorway socks and oh man are they wonderful. But I will tend to other business first!

On Friday, I went to the one year anniversary sale for the yarn shop in Los Altos that we saw the Harlot at, Full Thread Ahead with my knitting friend at my client. They were having a sale for 20% off everything in the store plus an additional 10% if you donated a hand knit item for a newborn/preemie or a scarf for the red scarf project or if you donated $5 to a local charity. I found enough goodies that I gladly made my $5 donation to get an additional 10% off my booty which included:

Plymouth Brand Sockotta line yarn in self patterning fair isle colorway number 6669"

I also got some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in the Northern Lights colorway:

And then the final delicious yarn that I bought was from Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn in color summer fruit #204:

I know I'm a newbie to knitting but the Interlacements yarn had some of the most vivid colorways that I've seen. They were really spectacular, it was so hard to not buy some of every color.

I also got a pair of the clear garden clog shoes that are perfect for showing off your lovely hand knit socks but due to technical issues I didn't snap a pic of them yet with my socks on. I'll do that another time. ;)

Oh I do have another FO to boast about how cute it is completed. I got a link from a member of the dishcloth group that they had found this cute pattern for a dishcloth that looks like a dress. When I was getting ready to put my presents together that I had bought for DaFawnz's DD's birthday I thought that that dishcloth would be a perfect thing to wrap around a bottle of Little Mermaid bubble bath (all the other gifts I had bought her were Little Mermaid themed). I went to WalMart and while they didn't have specific Little Mermaid bubble bath, they did have a really cute bottle of shampoo that was the Disney Princesses and the top to the bottle was a pink crown. So perfect! (Esp since I put a crown inside the birthday card I made) So this is the cute dishcloth:

See?! Such awesomeness. You can't really see the neck of the dress (that I had to single crochet after the knitting was done) but it's a ring basically that connects the two tabs of the top side of the dress. The pattern is from Knit n Sew studio but it is on an archived site here. So cute and extremely easy. The hardest part/most time consuming part of the cloth was the crocheted neck area. It all just coordinated together so well. Very pleased with the outcome of this gift. I think it will be loved by the girly-girly birthday girl!

And now.. at long last! The fabulous socks I knit from the Hill Country Yarns sweet feet sock yarn in the Hook 'em Horns colorway!!!

So so awesome. (Yes, I edited out my gnarly white girl legs and the dirty carpet from the photo. It was late and I just couldn't bear to torment you good people of the internets with that much yuck in one spot. Plus I'm kind of jazzed about matching the background to the orange. lol)

So there you have it. That's the love fest going on in Teenuh land. I put on the socks for the photo and they feel just sooo yummy (mmm 100% merino wool) that I couldn't bear to take them off. I am SO EXCITED that I finished them in time for Friday's big game against the Texas A&M Aggies. I will be proudly wear them and cheer for a Longhorn win that will send them to the Big 12 championship game!! Hook 'em Horns!!

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DaFawnz said...

Wow, nifty. You just went to town didn't you? I love the socks (I even like the edited out legs!! that was funny). M loves the dishcloth, she pulled it off the bottle and took it right into the bath. She is also MADLY in love with the camera. I SOOOOO wanted to go blow some $$ at the yarn sale too...